Ubisoft: Natal, Move are 'revolutionary'

computerandvideogames' Mike jackson writes:
MS and Sony motion controllers are 'going in the right direction for the industry'
Ubisoft reps said during an investors call today that Microsoft's Natal and Sony's Move controllers are 'revolutionary' and they are 'going in the right direction for the industry'.

"With regards to Natal and Move, we have been investing quite a lot for those machines. We feel that we'll be able to come with technically good products at E3 and the end of the year," they said.

"We know that Microsoft and Sony are going to push those two new machines very strongly with huge marketing campaigns. Those two products are revolutionary and it is going in the right direction for the industry and that's why we've invested a lot into those technologies because we think they will be important for this year but also in the future."

Both Natal and PlayStation Move are expected out during the autumn season.

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trounbyfire2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

but coming from the company that really makes one great game AC2 and the rest average, even that is made in Italy and not but the main company.

I really don't care what the say unless there is an italian accent behind it.

Jack Klugman2860d ago

GRAW? Rainbox Six?

2 great franchises right there from Ubisoft.. Neither are average.
i agree however these guys are probably planning a ton of shovelware just like they do for Nintendo so of course they will bang the drum.
just look at the games theyve done for the Wii.. i dont want any of that crap on Natal. especially knowing Ubisoft and how they will just repackage this stuff.

ubi stay away!

toaster2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

What?! You're crazy!! Ubisoft makes AWESOME games for DS!!!

Oh wait..

That last picture is every boy's wet dream.

TheBand1t2860d ago

The old Rainbow Six were awesome. Don't care much for the new ones.

IdleLeeSiuLung2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I agree with Klugman, what about GRAW, Rainbow Six (Vegas) and Splinter Cell. I mean in general the Tom Clancy games are really good.

Ironically, I didn't play Assassin's Creed. To me it looked kind of boring, but it is well respected so give respect where it is due....

BISHOP-BRASIL2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

New Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and (now added to this list) Splinter Cell can't hold a candle to the old ones, they simply killed everything that made those games uniques to make popular shooters!

All last "Tom Clancy's" games would be labeled average to good if not by the tag knew as main Ubisoft hardocore games. End War even under average. Maybe the only good last entry is HAWX and even that is a poor man's Ace Combat.

All the while they also ruined Prince of Persia and promoved some of the worst DLC tactics (launching games incomplete just so five or six weeks down the line they sell you the rest they couldn't have delayed the game to add to disc).

And regardless of who say it... Look at Wii and EyeToy... Yeah right, "da revolutions"!

RememberThe3572859d ago

We have all seen what they have put out on the Wii right? What makes to think they will do any different on the other consoles?

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kaveti66162860d ago

Montreal is in Canada, not in Italy. Shaking my head at ignorance.

trounbyfire2860d ago

don't take it out of context. i mean that the AC franchise is set in italy and it better than what the other company do

"Shaking my head at ignorance" kill yourself

eggbert2859d ago

was set in the middle east....

waltercross2859d ago

AC1 is not AC2, trounbyfire said AC2, funny how people on N4G can be so...hmmm whats the word? oh yeah pay attention!.

Ubisoft is just an Average company these days, they use to be the bomb though!.

Imperator2860d ago

Natal = Upgraded PSeye

Move = Upgraded Wii controller.

Simple as that. I will buy them only if they have some good games.

sid4gamerfreak2860d ago

nah, i don't believe in the motion control hype, honestly.

The controller, mouse and keyboard are still a win for me...

The real killer2859d ago

Move = totaly new device somthing wrong with your eye's and less knowlegde about the product.

Natal = i don't know yet.

Microsoft Xbox 3602859d ago

The Move offers the best of both worlds. Augmentation and WiiMotion+ all rolled into one package.

waltercross2859d ago

Move barrows some elements from Wiimote but adds It's own style as well.

If most PS3 Games give it an option to use Move or a Regular PS3 Controller then I'm all game and will buy the Move anyways.

As for Natal, It's a Bold consept, It's a BIG Risk MS is doing, we know Move will work and sell well, Nintendo proves that.
also what some forget is the current PS3 Controller already
has motion sensing in it, But now Sony will fully support this tech not just half assed.

By far Natal is a much bigger Gamble, that'll either Make or Break the 360.

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No FanS Land2860d ago

BTW Assassin's creed is made in Montreal.
Ho and most of the time, the average games from Ubisoft are from Ubi France.

FACTUAL evidence2860d ago

Yup....just like my toaster oven. /s

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gcolley2860d ago

they are only important for bringing casual gamers over to PS3 and 360 away from Wii, which is why Ubisoft are excited. but for us actual gamers they really won't matter, just a bit of fun for local multiplayer, with drunken mates or the girlfriend.

SuperM2859d ago

Really? Im looking forward to finally play a shooter on a console with proper controls. If you are used to play with mouse and keyboard its easy to see how limited a dualshock controller is. Especially in FPS games. With the move i can finally get the precision i want when playing a game like that.

However i dont see how natal can be very useful in a shooter. That would have to be in addition to the regular controller and only used for stuff like perhaps throw a grenade or other simple actions.

LordMarius2860d ago

Show me the games, then talk

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Ubisoft is knowing for making good games on Wii. Expect the same kind of games on Move, obviously, with better gameplay.

kaveti66162860d ago

I think many here would agree that we don't want games designed around Natal and Move. We want core games to implement Natal and Move in some interesting ways.

ActionBastard2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I think it's to be expected for the larger 3rd party development/publishing studios to stroke both Natal and Move. I'm more interested in the skepticism an Ubisoft or EA or whoever would have, rather than the fellatio they are compelled to handout to sell their products. Nothing about either seems revolutionary, if anything, the Wii was. Natal and Move are just expansions on a revolutionary idea in gaming.

SuperM2859d ago

The Wii was cool for FPS games. For everything else though it fell short of its expectations. The controller wasnt able to do what people expected it to. And the result is alot of gimicky gesture based shovelware. You can still make gimicky gesture based shovelware on the move controller, but at the very least move can do the things people were expecting the wiimote to do and the developers have the opportunity to make those games.

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