NowGamer: Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands PS3 Review

We should clear things up straight away: Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is not a movie tie-in. It just so happens that a movie based on the Prince Of Persia series is coming to theatres near you™ just a week or two after the game is released. So while it may not be a film-o-game, it is a massively coincidental game, especially as it seemed to pop up out of nowhere and had its development completed in what seemed like a very short time. But this isn’t something to colour our judgement with – what is something to colour our judgement with is the fact that The Forgotten Sands displays a crushing lack of ambition. While the game does have hints of greatness here and there, it ultimately flounders and ends up safely within the confines of absolute mediocrity. Never fear, though, for we will qualify these statements in the following text, so you know exactly why the game gave us hope, lifted us up and eventually let us down.

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Raf1k12838d ago

Wow, the 360 and PS3 reviews are pretty much opposites of each other. The PS3 version is mediocre apparently while the 360 reviewer can't help but sing praises yet only gave it an 8.

Did they make a different game for each platform?