Red Dead Redemption: Top 10 Most Entertaining Activities

Videogameszone writes: "Red Dead Redemption for PS3 and Xbox 360 has a lot of stuff you can do other than daring missions offered by the open-world western and many side jobs. Poker or throwing horseshoes, for example. presents the ten most entertaining mini-games."

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Mr Patriot2954d ago

although I live in Dubai but we get the EU version Region2. Man can't bloody wait my PS3 needs some horse power.. :)

MGRogue20172954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Never fear, my 'son.. You have done well so far... Playing the waiting game is always a painful experience for every gamer out there.. A few more days & your PS3 shall have it's "horsepower" =3

inveni02954d ago

Mine arrives from tomorrow. A little anxious. Luckily I have ModNation Racers demo to last until then!

peeps2954d ago

is it just me or is the google translate working terrible with this site? I can't see a list of the 10 most activities or anything lol

inveni02954d ago

Me either. I think Google translate shouldn't be allowed. It's rarely legible lately.