Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary Celebrated With Xbox Live Avatars

This Friday will mark the 30th anniversary of Empire Strikes Back's release. To cash in on the excitement, Microsoft will be offering a slew of <I>Star Wars</i> items for your Xbox Live Avatar.

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tdogchristy902930d ago

I never buy this crap but the bobba fett is cool.

Hellsvacancy2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Id buy it if they looked liked The Warriors/Baseball Furies

N4GAddict2929d ago

They look cool but I'm not paying for it.

N4GAddict2929d ago

It would be cool if they are free but we all know that's not happening.

Demons Souls2929d ago

Even the Lucasarts stuff in Playstation Home costs more than the typical outfit.

booni32929d ago

They should be free. we celebrate their anniversary by spending our money? i dont like it.

Montrealien2929d ago

that makes sense, next time it's your wife's birthday, send her the bill for the gift you bought.

jcgamer2929d ago

classic movie btw, still holds up today :)

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