Bungie stats: More participated in Reach Beta than Halo 3’s

VG247's Stephany Nunneley writes:

Machinima has a new video up showing the last gametype and an overview of the new modes for the Halo: Reach Beta, and have also dropped some official stats from Bungie.According to Bungie’s official stats, more players logged into the Halo:Beta on day one than during the entire Beta for Halo 3.That’s a lot of folks.Also, since you love stats – 298, 942 players have logged in during the past 24-hours and 12,599,480 games have been played in the Beta.The Beta shuts down before May 19 – which is tomorrow – so go give ‘er the old college try or one last hurrah.

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xc7x2836d ago

maybe because there's a few more million owners of 360 since last Halo?

SixZeroFour2836d ago

or because more halo fans bought odst over crackdown since odst was a halo game and crackdown wasnt (not saying crackdown was a bad game)