IGN: E3 2010: Pirates of the Caribbean -- Armada of the Damned Update

IGN writes: "We got our first look at Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned a couple weeks ago, and while we came away impressed it was only an eyes-on demo. Today we actually got to play the game and can report that this is still a promising action RPG. Even though Armada of the Damned uses the Pirates of the Caribbean license, it isn't based on any of the recent movies starring Johnnie Depp. This is its own game, an adventure that lets players create their own pirate and wander the seas of the Caribbean seeking fame and fortune".

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AliTheBrit192653d ago

This title has me interested, very nice visuals, remind me of Fable.

ironfist922653d ago

This is gonna be one helluva game if Propaganda can gettit right.

mittwaffen2653d ago

Movie games...gotta be careful.

ironfist922653d ago

Not based on movie, based on movie UNIVERSE, set 10 YEARS BEFORE FIRST MOVIE, and DOESNT include any of the original characters.

So its NOT a movie game.

mittwaffen2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Is a movie.

This is a move game

Alright; Captain Jack?