Do FPS Influence Teens to Join Military ?

Guerilla Play writes: With all the great fps out there to choose from as a gamer your only question is "which one should I buy!" COD is the king but as of late BF Bad Company 2 is giving COD a run for your money. But even with all the realism in today's games I pose this question "is this enough to satisfy your itchy trigger finger."

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tdogchristy902984d ago

FPS has not influenced my view of the military, my love and study of history has done that. History makes me want to join and someday, given the chance, I just may.

Mr Lahey2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

How can one love the military? I mean, love the concept of war?

edit: sorry, i think i misread your post a little..

kaveti66162984d ago

War gives young men the impression that being soldiers will make them heroes.

It takes more strength to stand at peace in the face of violence than to pick up arms and join in the chaos.

Although, I love studying World War II, mostly because I love Star Wars and Star Wars was inspired somewhat by that era.

darkmurder2984d ago

History has made me wanna join the army, I really feel for the guys serving in Afghanistan and I'd rather help them out then sit on my hands.

Blinding_Solo2983d ago

I watch the military channel and I would like to join the military because of the history behind war and the meaning of defending my country or family from threating forces. I don't think anyone is dumb enough to think they can go through basic training and then think the military is going to hand you a gun and have you ship to a warzone. Video games don't make people want to go in the military I think it make people want to stay out because of the fear of dieing and knowing your not going to respawn.

George Sears2984d ago

Economic reasons for me made me join the military (US). That and I wanted to marry my gf but that went all apeshit.... other story though.

gamingisnotacrime2984d ago

Poor area like the one i live tend to be fertile grounds for military recruitment. Video games, nah i love my shoting games and the armed forces, but i am not anywhere near enlisting

Raz2984d ago

Rich people sending poor people to die. Old men sending young men to their doom. Yup, that sounds like SOP for the military.

TheBand1t2984d ago

Economic reasons are a factor but not the deciding one. I've seen many of my friends join the military themselves despite the fact they came from financially stable families.

UnSelf2984d ago

Paintball in some uncharted woodland area quenches my thirst for blood.....with paint :)

ico922984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

No , and here are my top 3 reasons why ?

1. Few camping spots in real warfare

2. No Kill streaks

3. if you die...YOU DIE!!

SPARTANVI2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )



4. No pleasure in taking a REAL person's life.

5. No aim-bot, wall-hack, etc.

6. No respawn.

I know #6 is the same as #3. :)

Raz2984d ago

I think the only way the military is ever going to convert gamers to soldiers is if they use the "Surrogates" robot soldiers, operated remotely by squads of gamers in stim pods. Which probably isn't too far off now.

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Mr Lahey2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

The question is; is it intentionally!? By the people funding/developing the games!?

Pink_Uni2984d ago

ok sure, not everyone is going to want to join the military because of videogames, dont be little douches and say "well im not going to and i play fps games so therefore it doesn't"

if you play shooters enough and you do pretty well at them, you will probably become interested in guns and you will probably become interested in real war footage, and you will probably think about joining the military.

its like fucking playing a basketball videogame. are you going to keep playing and NEVER, EVER once think about playing basketball in real life? thats BS if you dont

Mr Lahey2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

It's a big western cultural phenomena. Big budget, more or less realistic, best selling & highly popular war games/simulators set in real present day war zones. Off course it will affect people! I would guess it's a quite effective way to make war a more interesting and comfortable thought..

theonlylolking2984d ago

No, and never will. Why? You can die, You are killing, and too hard training.

the-show-stopper2984d ago

if ur afraid of dying then u should look urself up in a bomb shelter with supplies to last the rest of ur life and never come out

Pandamobile2984d ago

I've got a bunch of friends (at least 5 or so) who are in the Canadian Forces. All of them are avid shooter fans, but I don't think that's what made them want to join the Forces.

mittwaffen2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Got hit with an IED in Afghanistan...still alive thankfully.

Pray all five make it back, that place is a hell hole so i've heard.

Pandamobile2984d ago

Only one of them actually has plans to go over, thankfully.

Milamber2984d ago

Tiger Woods is fun but real golf is a pain in the ass.

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