Yoichi Wada:Final Fantasy XIV Will Release This Fiscal Year

During the same Q&A session where Square Enix CEO Yochi Wada dropped hints at Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s multi-platform move, he also reconfirmed that the company’s next big MMORPG is still planned for a 2010 release.

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RememberThe3572802d ago

Did you guys see the videos of the gameplay? It took like 10 seconds between each hit. It was like watching paint dry.

DA_SHREDDER2802d ago

Speak for yourself. I cant wait to get my hands on the ps3 version of the game. Its the FF ive been waiting for my whole life.

tda-danny2802d ago

Not every MMO needs to be a clickfest like wow. Some people really like FFXI, and this most definitely appeal to them.

Also, the gameplay vids are based on an Alpha.

n4f2802d ago

so... when will final fantasy vs 13 be out?

Tdmd2802d ago

Same here, Da_shredder! I'll probably say goodbye to my friends when this game came out, cuz I won't be leaving the bedroom for, at least, some three whole months! x)