Neocrisis: New Quantum Theory Screens

Neocrisis: 14 new screens for Quantum Theory coming to the 360 and PS3.

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Rumor2835d ago

too many good games coming this year....just cant settle for this

JokesOnYou2835d ago

It does look good, not OMG amazing but good, hopefully the game plays well if so I'll check it out whenever I find some time between so many other great games already out or coming this year.


jazzking20012835d ago

looks good
hope it comes out good

RememberThe3572835d ago

I liked the art style at first but it doesn't seem like the visuals are getting any better. The main character look like a zombie.

jazzking20012835d ago

is looking like a zombie a bad thing?

RememberThe3572835d ago

then yeah, it's a bad thing. My point was that the visuals are very unappealing to me. But like Aries said below, the most important part is the gameplay.

AriesFury2835d ago

It's not bad but the most important factor is the gameplay.

Demons Souls2835d ago

So obviously I will hate this clone of it too.

R2D22835d ago

Do you want a cookie for your comment.

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