Unannounced Exclusives That May be Announced During E3

Less than a month from now, the gaming world congregates in a tiny convention center in LA to behold the newest and greatest titles from the top game developers in the world. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have revealed some of their plans for this event, but all are holding a trump card for E3 and those will come from high-quality exclusives.

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VegaShinra2981d ago

Demon's Souls 2 would make E3.

Leupac2981d ago

Man if Atlus published that game again they would be set for a while. A new Fire Emblem would also be great.

BYE2981d ago

That would be nice. But this time worlwide simultanous release please...

StixRemix2981d ago

Another title by Mistwalker would be great news.

lelo2play2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Another title by Mistwalker would be great ... if it was for X360 or PS3.

Not so great if Mistwalker title was for Wii/DS/PSP.

Lost Odyssey 2 would be great... or even a new franchise.

NeoBasch2981d ago

...or they could focus on development of The Last Story. I mean, maybe it's just me, but that game looks f*cking epic.

Drjft2981d ago

Nice article, I noticed some grammar/typing mistakes though.

I personally would love a new FIre Emblem. That'd be awesome.

Nitrowolf22981d ago

For Sony i could see all those happening, except mybe Siren and Demon Soul might be saved for TGS

As for Naruto Shippuuden for 360, idk i know its Not from UBI but there is already Ninja Storm 2 coming out, but still could happen

MattyF2981d ago

Siren may be a stretch but it would be a great title to see come back to the PS3.

CellularDivision2981d ago

How about, instead of a new Siren, we get English version of Siren 2?

spektical2981d ago

Killzone 3 will be announced as well

hopefully a new Twisted Metal, but i guess we'll see (1 more month :D )

-MD-2981d ago

Yes Twisted Metal please. Also Dark Cloud 3.

CellularDivision2981d ago

Yes and also FF15 and Just Cause 3 and RE6 and UC3 and GT8 and Mario 9 and Halo 4!

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The story is too old to be commented.