Square Enix planning to “create new AAA brands”

Square Enix states that one of their key factors for the next fiscal year is to “create new AAA brands.”

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xc7x3017d ago

makes them all feel good inside i guess...

Christopher3017d ago

I'll believe it when I see it.

kratos1233017d ago

lol thinks of nier
and i now what you guys are thinking of noo its made be cavia
but still they choose to support that crap game

booni33017d ago

people seem to have forgotten that enix is one of the worlds biggest Publishers/developers and the creators of one of the biggest franchises of all time. Great talent is available at a price and money is no object to them. If they put they're mind and resources to it, we can expect great things from enix.

ShinMaster3017d ago

I don't think so. Square's quality has started to decline ever since they became SquareEnix. It doesn't matter how big they are.

ikkokucrisis3017d ago

...That was before and this is now.

Nobody's forgotten: SE, Capcom, Tecmo. All great Japanese developers that USED to be on the forefront of the industry are just above average these days.

KillaManiac3017d ago

Square AAA games...yeah right.

I hope they aren't talking about Infinity Undiscovery and Last Remnant.

BRG90003017d ago

Well, when a developer says "AAA" like this they are referring to the budget and marketing behind the game. So if they put their resources behind it, they will create AAA games. Whether those games are any good remains to be seen.

ABizzel13017d ago

Them and a bunch of other developers need to make new franchises. Same old games over and over are getting old.

Imperator3017d ago

Unless they suddenly turn their ways and start making more Ps3 exclusives, I doubt this will ever happen.

FACTUAL evidence3017d ago

SE, you're now one of the official laughing stocks in this industry this gen....I LOL'ed when I read your AAA quote....I'll believe it when i see it clowns.

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-Mezzo-3017d ago

Great looking forward to it & i hope this time it's actually good.

SpaceSquirrel3017d ago

Me too. Square Enix needs more new IPs like The WOrld Ends with You

Double Toasted3017d ago

I forgot all about that game. Next DS game probably. I'm enjoying China Wars atm...

N4GAddict3017d ago

Just release Versus XIII and I'll be happy.

Legosz3017d ago

Ugh, I have a feeling it will be as horrible as XIII, until I see gameplay I don't think I can take the risk.

DigitalAnalog3017d ago

Unlike FFXIII which was ORIGINALLY run by Nomura (now Kitase), this is the game he finally oversees. No doubt we will expect greatness of this guy. To give a shining example: RE4 and RE5, one is by the original creator the other is just plain rubbish who knows nothing about the franchise. Same case here.

-End statement

Demons Souls3017d ago

Square-Enix is garbage and hasn't made anything above mediocrity this gen. Whatever they push out won't be AAA.

Meryl3017d ago

WKC was more fun than FF XIII, I think i will skip FF vs if they have taken out everything they promised like overworld map, it has to be said SE has crapped all over their fans like no tomorrow in the hopes of getting larger sales, in the long run it will only hurt them

NateCole3017d ago

Unfortunately i agree with you.

AbyssGravelord3017d ago

I agree with you #5, the only game I can say I honestly enjoyed from Square this gen would have to be The Last Remnant simply because it was a breath of fresh air from traditional role-playing games.

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