Ubisoft To Confront Used Game Sales

Ubisoft following EA's example of halting sales of used games.

Much in the same vein as EA, Starting next year Ubisoft will begin to offer additional content to consumers who buy new copies of their games.

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dizzleK2802d ago

and me adding ubisoft titles to my "pass" list because they're not worth $60.

jjohan352801d ago

I will support it if they offer free DLC, maps, etc for those who buy their games new because they're finally offering a good incentive to buy their games new (instead of never offering a single incentive while whining about feeding their children).

I will NOT support it if they TAKE AWAY features for buyers of used games, ie removing ONLINE play (I'm looking at you EA).

winlonghorn2801d ago

They just don't get it in the industry apparently. Punishing the paying customer will NOT stop pirating! Someday they will have to learn that!

winlonghorn2801d ago

Ubisoft isn't worth a damn anymore! They don't care about the customer, so I will steer clear of their titles until they decide to care! :)

FanboysWillHateMe2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Live...I have to pay another $10 for every game that I want to play online? Gamefly is my primary source for playing videogames, so this is definitely a major concern for me. As much as I love Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon, if they're really gonna follow through with this, I'll stick to single-player campaigns, thank you very much. That, Uncharted 2's multiplayer, and Final Fantasy XIV. Not our fault you guys don't put out enough games that warrant a full $65 purchase.

DJexs2801d ago

You do not like DRM?

I feel like we are getting to that point with ubisoft. That russian reversal point. You do not play ubisoft games. Ubisoft games play you.

Welcome to the DRM from hell

t-dizzle2801d ago

I'm sorry but that game is amazing and I am not going to gripe over things like this to the point that I am going to avoid a blockbuster title like that.

I do think that it is a silly practice (how many used books do Ubisoft execs have on their bookshelves), but still it is one thing to say in the heat of the moment "I'm going to pass on their games", and then actually doing it when the game comes out with a 9 out of 10 review average. Or did you mean you were going to skip on the next 20 iterations of Raving Rabbids, because if so than I joined your boycot years ago...

Proxy2801d ago

I have been skipping their games. I skipped AC2. I decided to look into RUSE, so I loaded up the steam page and scrolled down to the developer and DRM information first, saw Ubisoft names, hit the back button, never have looked at the game again. I was interested in Far Cry 2 as well, but skipped it. I'll always remember what was said in a Far Cry complaint thread, "Ubisoft, I'll keep my money, you keep your game, and we'll see who comes out the loser."

I'm not so desperate for entertainment that I can't find something else to do for the 30 hours I would have spent on one of their games.

princejb1342800d ago

it may have been amazing to you
but i used to owned both titles
and it gets real boring quikly
i was expecting a big differnece in ac since they said no more repetitive missions but still ended up dissapointed

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DarkSpawnClone2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

wtf,why do they need to make money on used games, imo they already got there money off the first guy who bought it.we need to stop this madness!!if there going to make money off used games can the lower the price on new games?!?! to like 40$, i pay about 60$ 70$ as it is right now

SilverSlug2801d ago

for buying a game, the guy that buys used will get the complete game, minus the FREE DLC that was yours.

I see no issues here.

hazelamy2801d ago

so long as they don't follow ea's example and take game modes away from preowned buyers then i agree.
rewarding new buyers is one thing, but punishing preowned buyers is going too far, if they take the next step like ea have then it will be a big issue.

Enate2801d ago

They are ripping maps and other fun things out of the game before launch and offering them as incentives. Lets get real here we know that's what they are going to do. Its the same thing they are doing now with day 1 DLC and pre order bonuses.

winlonghorn2801d ago

Greed! If they can make even a penny more on games, they are going to do so. That includes taking advantage of customers.

BYE2801d ago

If the "additional content" will be equal to lackluster DLC like Battle of Forli, no thanks I buy Ubisoft games used.

fan_of_gaming2801d ago

I'd expect most every publisher/developer, certainly the large ones, to start implementing a program either the same as or similar to "project 10 dollar"

webeblazing2801d ago

im surprise yall care it been happenin the whole gen the been doing thing like this dlc, paying for online, buying things that was on the disc, drm, now this gamers these days love getting raped and say my console better then yours without looking at the picture

MajestieBeast2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

They should confront that horrible DRM system. They go bitch about used game sales but when they cut corners just so they can cash in on DlC *battle of forli* the gamer should just take that crap. I only own 2 ubisoft games this gen rainbow six vegas and oblivion and i dont think i will expand that, maybe buy AC2 but used just to piss them off.

Eiffel2801d ago

I wouldn't count Oblivion as a Ubisoft game, it was just co published with Bethesda for Europe release.

MajestieBeast2801d ago

Well that makes it one game then thanks for clearing that up^^

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