Someone Tell Sony Fanboys Final Fantasy Isn't Their Franchise

Brandon Thompson writes: "Recent news has stopping making the rounds that the much hyped Final Fantasy XIII Versus may turn into a multi-platform title. This is all fine and good and honestly nothing more than a rumor at this point. But you wouldn't know that by the reactions of the Sony Fanboys infesting the interwebs.

If you based anything on their collective response, you'd be led to believe that Square Enix is led by chimpanzees smoking cigars and flinging their own crap."

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moegooner883014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Latest FFXIII sales "disagree", and stay in school ur grammar sucks!

hay3014d ago

">ur< grammar sucks!" - pure gold man :D

It's not fanboys franchise.

It's mine.

Megaton3014d ago

"Your an idiot" is still my favorite.

Killjoy30003014d ago

You forgot to place a comma before your last quotation mark!

BeaRye3014d ago

I love that #1 caught himself and edited the post. Then he spells your "ur". You are classic!

MGRogue20173014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

... I don't think I can recall ever hearing a Sony fanboy say that it is the franchise.. to be honest with 'ya

ShinMaster3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

No one is saying FF is a PlayStation franchise.

But when SquareEnix announces one or two titles as exclusive to a certain system promising this and that, then they decide to make it multiplatform, which we all know will gimp the game in more than one way.
Then we have a problem.

hybridtheory123014d ago

i know. i havent seen any1 say its Sony only franchise.... wasnt FF originally on a Nintendo console? Title = FAIL

ChickeyCantor3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

" No one is saying FF is a PlayStation franchise. "

I dont know, the echo's of how FF13 is only exclusive to PS3...and how 360 fans are crying because its a Sony exclusive...are still to be heard.
Of course all of you crawled back once MS announced it was coming to their console as well.

Now you people say FF13 is crap and FFv13 is going to be way better.
Why? because Sony fans believe FF is a Sony franchise.

Anyone who disagrees with this is just full of himself.

I own a Ps3 myself, so dont even try calling me a MS fanboy or something.
But the hypocrisy is just lovely up in the air.

Wrathman3014d ago

if you take the japanese sales out of the totals(which you should when you compare,simply because it got a 2months headstart and the xbox is non existant there) then the sales are just about level.

and considering that it was FF first venture onto the was a huge success.and a lot of xbox360 owners had never played it before.

TheDeadMetalhead3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

"FF first venture onto the xbox."


XabiTheHumble3014d ago

"Now you people say FF13 is crap and FFv13 is going to be way better.
Why? because Sony fans believe FF is a Sony franchise." No, because most likely there won't have to cut things out for the xbox, that simple.

ChickeyCantor3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )


Cry more, Seriously FF13 is not a bad production, its still well made.
At first it was praised and then slammed to the ground because it went to 360.

If it were a PS3 exclusive it would have been the same, this title funds FFv13, so you can bet on it that the same amount of time would have been put in the production. And all of you would be saying : "you xbots are just crying cause you dont have FF13"

You know its true.

ShinMaster3014d ago

Labyrinths and dungeons were cut from FFXIII to make it multiplatform.

And again, no one is saying FF is a Sony franchise. We're talking about single titles.

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mookins3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

This guy is an idiot. The reason why PS3 fans have respect for FF is because FFVII was groundbreaking, especially when it arrived on PS1. No one stated that the series belongs to Sony. Everyone knows it started with Nintendo.


I think someone needs a tissue as well. Cry moar. It's always PS3 fanboys this and that and YET no one has the goddamn nerve to call out the 360 fanboys.

Immortal3213014d ago

something tells me this guy wants all final fantasy 13 versus on the 360, which is cool and all but, I'm afraid you guys can't have this title. If somehow you get it on your console, Fck you square where is our late exclusive.

Christopher3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Someone tell Game Journalists to stop writing about fanboys, which only leads to more hits on their site because fanboy discussions are always hot topics...

Oh, wait... I see what you did there.

But, if fanboys weren't fanboys, what would you write about,

mookins3014d ago

Interesting how my comment as marked as immature? Immature? Please explain, because I'm sick and tired of people talking about PS3 fans doing this and that and yet 360 fans get away with nonsense. This article is flamebait and I stand by my comment.

Greywulf3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

Don Mattrick, told a packed LA Convention Centre this morning that traditional PlayStation franchises have “found a new home” on Xbox 360.

"a jubilant Mattrick closed the company’s presentation by stating series that have previously been seen as PlayStation-affiliated titles are now being thought of as 360 titles by the gaming populous."

PlayStation-affiliated titles
PlayStation-affiliated titles
PlayStation-affiliated titles
PlayStation-affiliated titles

for the few in the back

PlayStation-affiliated titles

You guys really do own yourselves here.

You can swear up and down that FF isn't associated with the Playstation brand mainly.

Just like The Metal Gear Franchise.

The good thing about the Playstation brand, is that there are oh so many PlayStation-affiliated titles for Microsoft to buy, since they can't come up with any of their own.

You don't see Sony trying to buy into Xbox associated brands.

sikbeta3014d ago

Someone tell to Brandon Thompson from, [oh man, How Ironic] that Nobody cares What He says...

rosebowl233014d ago

No one wants Final Fantasy anyway. It's a dead franchise with gameplay that gets worse with every new title and has the same story every time: transsexual hero saves the world.

k2d3014d ago

Final Fantasy 13 sales are lagging behind earlier titles even with opening to the xbox market. It's obvious that the fans are leaving Square Enix behind. As am I. My money finds better game on all of the gaming platform. Multiplatform doesn't equal double the sales. I hope they have realised this by now.

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blizzard_cool3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

A fanboy calling out fanboys....
Oh the irony

WMW3014d ago Show
Black Maverick3014d ago

"Recent news has stopping making..."

I stopped reading right there.

bviperz3014d ago

I stopped reading there too because I was too busy laughing. Laughing quietly though, because I'm at work.

redDevil873014d ago

Get back to work!

*cracks whip*

bviperz3014d ago

My alt+tab isn't as fast as it used to be*

Yes, right away RedDevil87!

alphakennybody3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

No but more than half of them are ps3 owners and would like a BIGGER and MORE AMBITIOUS FF title that isn't limited due to some other hardware limitation.

vgn243014d ago

I think we'd all like to have big games made from the ground up for our console of choice. Porting, or parallel programing always results in downgrading on one of the platforms.

Crystallis3014d ago

Right on..

I could careless if FF goes multi. But dont cut content to cater to the other console. That pisses me off to no end.

xaviertooth3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

FF7 for PS1 made FF mainstream. and then FF8, FF9, FFX, FFXI, FFXII.. all of them are strong sellers on playstation platforms. until now with FFXIII, its still is a high earner on playstation. square owes it to playstation fans.

BeaRye3014d ago

Trust me. It was mainstream on the SNES.

Seferoth753014d ago

FF1-6 were exclusive to Nintendo consoles. FF7 was also on the PC, 8 was on the PC, 11 was on the PC.13 was on the 360 and 14 will be on the PC.

So exactly how many main FF games were exclusive to Sony platforms? 9, 10 and 12.. 3 out of 13 games? Hardly a PS franchise but I guess if thats the only console you've ever played it would be easy to make that assumption

Topshelfcheese3014d ago


with your definition of Exclusive, the 360 has almost zero as most of there games are on PC as well. I still consider Mass Effect and Gears to be 360 exclusives personally, as I don't count PC as a console. Also 11 was on ps2 and the 360.

Denethor_II3014d ago

Final Fantasy 1 was published in Japan 1987 and three years later(1990) in the US. Interesting fact, in later iterations it was thought the series would prove to complicated for the West and weren't even released. Final Fantasy 2 sold over a 1.8 million in Japan and was later remade for the US(the original was never released outside of Japan) and only solded a fraction. Final Fantasy 3 introduced a new Job system and was starting to find its feet. Again this game never released outside of Japan. Final fantasy 4, or as its known in the US ,2, was released in 1991 and was called 2 in the US due to 2 and 3 never being released outside of Japan, and thus never really hitting the big time until the 3D release of Final Fantasy 7 on the Sony Playstation. Now, no one is saying its a Playstation brand, but more of where it became a brand yes it was ported to the PC, but merely spreading it wings due to its popularity on the Playstation brand, and not in any way comprising the quality of the final product.

The issue with PS3/FF fanboys comes when FF13, an exclusive, was abruptly compromised, compressed, cut and delayed due to a wealthy, and most envious, business man wanting a slice of the pie. I don't recall anyone actually saying Final Fantasy, a franchise owned by Square Enix, belongs to Sony. What I do recall is the annoyance, frustration and sense of being cheated. People who were of shelling out a lot of money for a console that would produce the next generation of Final Fantasy due to its superior hardware, were quite frankly shat on.

Seferoth753014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )


And your point would be what exactly? That I know what an exclusive game is? What exactly did that load of dribble have to do with what I said? Of course if it's on PC and 360 it isnt exclusive but what in Gods name does that have to do with what I posted?

Oh you thought I would argue? Stupid of you. So let me sum up. You disagree with me about only 2 FF games being exclusive to Sony and your proof of this is that some 360 fanboys call MS exclusive games 360 exclusive games?

Sad really but I think what is even more pathetic is 7 people actually thought your BS was valid. Oh and where did I say 11 wasnt on PS2? I just listed other formats just to show it wasnt exclusive. NOw try to respond to that by focusing on Sony and the points made here. Not some fanboy childish rant about MS exclusives that has nothing to do with Sony fanboys claiming FF is a PS franchise.

and to you and the other 6 fanboys that disagree, prove me wrong that only 2 games were FF exclusive, or prove how 2 games makes it a Sony franchise.

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Kain813014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

sorry it was not mainstream at least not in EU, the first FF that was released on a CONSOLE here was FF7, and i remember all the Adds from sony...and after the success of FF7 all other FF were ported to PS1
FF anthology and Final Fantasy Chronicles

Raoh3014d ago

god i hate these sites

Akagi3014d ago

You're not alone there, bro. They're fuelling the fire.