Is a Beyond Good and Evil 2 Announcement Coming at E3?

WorthPlaying writes, "We don’t normally put too much stock in retailer announced release dates, but in some cases the timing is too coincidental to ignore. Although it has yet to be formally announced by Ubisoft, "Beyond Good and Evil 2" has been discussed as being “under consideration” on and off for the last year."

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Heartnet2837d ago

If this game is the game im thinking of then yes i hope so :D

Malebaria2837d ago

I sure hope so!
They did put it on hold as I recall,right?

Syriel2837d ago

It was originally teased back in 2008 and then the producer has talked about it, but Ubi never actually committed to releasing it. Even though the original Beyond Good and Evil was a stellar game it was released into a crowded market with little advertising and as a result the sales numbers weren't so hot.

Jdoki2837d ago

Hope so... Beyond Good and Evil was a brilliant game

mantisimo2837d ago

For those that have no idea about beyond good and Evil it was a brilliant game that was if anything before its time, a bit like uncharted in its scale and character realisation. I really do hope they release this and it's good. If so Day one and some time with Jade.

RememberThe3572828d ago

I even downloaded the soundtrack. Every single part of that game is top notch.