VGChartz: 3D Dot Game Heroes Review

3D Dot is an extremely satisfying parody of, and tribute to, the classic 8-bit adventure. The combat system could still use some tweaking, and it really would have been great to have a level editor (fingers crossed for it in a sequel), but the game is fun to play from beginning to end. It’s hard to create a modern parody of a retro game and still maintain a unique identity, but 3D Dot Game Heroes succeeds, and is a shining beacon of what great fun a retro callback can be.

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BubbleSystemSuck2923d ago

Another quality exclusive for my PS3...

I really Love Zelda... and this is perfect for me

GWAVE2923d ago

Yeah. In a world of same-old JRPGs and Morrowind wannabes, it's nice to see someone on the PS3 (once again) step up to the plate and offer something different.