PS3 Outshining Xbox 360 in Exclusives Category, shows Metacritic Data

Metacritic. In the gaming industry, this word will almost always draw a heated reaction, be it positive or negative.

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GWAVE2836d ago

In other news, Mario has a mustache.

This article isn't going to matter. Fanboys magically stopped caring about Metacritic around the time when PS3 began to dominate Metacritic.

Strange_Evil2836d ago

I thought it would be another flaimbait article (which it kind of is), but gotta give the writer props for working his @ss off for the statistics... Either ways, it's always personal opinion. I never bought a PS3 thinking that most it's games score high on meta, but bought it since most my favorite franchises are on it... I guess someone on the 360 side who likes only shooter wouldn't care about LBP or Heavy Rain, but---> for me<---, it's really what distinguishes the PS3 from the 360.

Either ways, you can always be rest assured that Sony First Party will always pull out more quality exclusives than most 3rd party bought timed exclusives.. Still so many games to go.

kratos1232836d ago

why is this news
its stating the obvious game journalism at its best

Raf1k12836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

It's one thing to simply point out the obvious and another to actually back it up with cold hard stats. It's the stats part that makes it news as most people wouldn't know about them.

kingjoker342836d ago

yeah, even though we know its been this way for quite a while, nice to see some facts backing it up.

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Greywulf2836d ago

But they stopped for some stranggge reason.

DigitalAnalog2836d ago

I don't know about you. But when I read this article. The PS3 has 9 exclusives that are 90+ as opposed to the 360's "7" exclusives.

That is NOT a percentage.

-End statement

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Meryl2836d ago

it turned to being about software sales and even ps3 is starting to take that over as well, oh well never mind

colonel1792836d ago

It´s interesting why, when PS3 loses an exclusive game because is third party everybody say it is because third party exclusives are dying. But people just don´t realize that the 360 has so many publishers making games exclusive for the 360 (whether they are good or bad).

So in other words, PS3 doesn´t deserve to have third party exclusives (Final Fantasy Versus 13, but it doesn´t matter that 360 has them (Grears of War, Mass Efect, etc)

soxfan20052836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

This is nothing more than another attempt to spin numbers by using percentages rather than actual numbers.

360 has more games rated 75+ on metacritic.
PS3 has a higher percentage of games rated 75+, but fewer actual games.

Would you rather have more actual games, or a higher percentage? It's not like you have to play through the bad games to get to the good ones.

The percentage arguement applies only if you choose a game completely at random. In that case, if you closed your eyes and picked a game randomly, you would have a better chance of getting a good PS3 game than a good 360 game. Does anyone really buy their games that way?

Here's another example. Dreamcast has 71 out of 143 total games rated 75+ on Metacritic, for a percentage of 49%.

PS2 has 540 out of 1609 games rated 75+, for a percentage of 33%.

Would anyone really argue that Dreamcast outshines PS2 on Metacritic?

xTruthx2836d ago

Soxfan did you even read the article? its not percentage, it does have more AAA games than 360. Don't get mad, get glad

Anon19742836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

By your logic no one should have ever bought a 360 in the first place because the PS2 had more games at the time. Use your head.

Each console has enough games currently released rated over 75% to keep any gamer happily gaming for years even if not a single new game was released. Microsoft themselves trumpeted for years "We've got the biggest library! W00T!"

With the amount of games presently released you can't go wrong with either system, so why not go for the system which has the games with the higher review scores? Just makes sense to me.

soxfan20052836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Xbox 360 & PS2 are not in the same generation. PS2 and Dreamcast are.

Also, 360 has 29 exclusives rated 80+. PS3 has 26.

You do realize that as more and more games are released, that will cause the overall average to drop. Just like what happened with PS2 vs. Dreamcast.

Anon19742836d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

You claim that percentages don't matter and it's only about the amount of games released. Then you say that the amount of games don't matter if it's a different console gen, ignoring the fact that when the 360 was released there were plenty of PS2 titles that could give 360 games a run for their money.

Also, methinks you need to go back to math class. Which grade do you learn about averages? About Grade 6?

Adding more games doesn't cause the average to drop unless for some reason the games released are all below average. If you have 10 games that score an average of 90, if you add another 10 games that score an average of 90, when you add them together does the average suddenly drop to 76?

That's kind of the point here, isn't it? The PS3 is displaying a trend. It's not the Dreamcast, and it's not the PS2. It's the PS3 and on average the exclusives review better than the 360. What's there even to argue about here? "Pff! Averages! Where has math ever gotten us?"

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sikbeta2836d ago

Only Going To Say that Almost All PS3 Exclusives Are Awesome and that's it...

kunit22c2836d ago

Now the only excuse for choosing a 360 over a PS3 is that your friends have one? lol I mean games.. PS3, Graphics... PS3, Online play... PS3, Features... PS3, the PS3 beats the 360 in all of those. So the only reason to get a 360 is because your friends have one.

Rekyyli2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

How the sh1tpipe like u, can comment here?

Rekyyli2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

It´s N4G. NP.

Sorry my bad.

Imperator2836d ago

Obviously. If you don't have a PS3, you're missing out on most of this gen's groundbreaking, genre pushing games.

Rekyyli2836d ago

Obviously, I´m sorry for these guys who can´t give the credit for good games, no matter the platform.

FOXDIE2835d ago

let the math do the work, nuff said!

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Milamber2836d ago

It's all a matter of personal opinion. For me, while I've been tempted to get a PS3, my exclusives of choice have been ME, ME2 & Lost Odyssey. As a huge Fahrenheit fan, Heavy Rain tempted me to purchase the slim, but then I remembered, I don't need to buy a PS3 to play it; it's not too difficult to find someone you know with a PS3, or vice versa.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

ME is not even exclusive, is multiplatform.

Meryl2836d ago

me2 is available on pc, like most of x360 games, now buy a ps3 already can you play heavy rain on pc, no you can't so do it:):)

Milamber2836d ago

My PC isn't too well specced for gaming, plus I prefer to play games on a couch with a controller in my hands, unless they're MMO or RTS. So Mass Effect greatly influenced my decision to buy Xbox over Playstation. My bad for labeling it exclusive though.