Step Ya Game Up Podcast Episode 68

Blade206, WorseCase, Lex Yayo and Big Freezy come together once again to bring you another hot podcast. In this weeks episode we talk about the following:

- Small E3 predictions

- Red Dead Redemption Talk

- NPD Number Sales

- Sony attach rate.

- Square Enix and Level 5 talk

- PS3 becoming profitable

- Microsoft buying GTA IV to be on Xbox360

- As always we have a step ya game up and much much more

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xaviertooth2987d ago

buy timed exclusives and hope they made a right decision. that's what they can only do to compete with the mighty sony. no innovation at all and piss-poor management. unfortunately, everything has backfired and now they are guessing what to do next to stay competitive.

thereapersson2987d ago

Is the title of this article making a statement or asking a question? It's so poorly written, I can't figure it out.

Anarki2987d ago

It hasn't paid off very well, both of their rivals are outselling them by ALOT.........

sikbeta2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Well, MS needs to do something to Counter PS Exclusive Games that are Developed By 20 First Party Studios and Nintendo First Party Exclusives As well, but it's Pointless when those Games go multiplat at some point...

sikbeta2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Double Post


N4GAddict2987d ago

Should of spent it on Bioware IMO

LaChance2987d ago ShowReplies(10)
RedSky2987d ago

"Is That All Microsoft Can Do This Gen Is Spend Money"

Whoever wrote that, please remove yourself from the gene pool.

solidjun52987d ago

you sound really bitter man. Pull your panties out for a minute and breathe some fresh air. you take things too serious man. Also no one here believe you have a ps3 anyway. So stop lying. Lying is bad. Mmmmokay?

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trounbyfire2987d ago

being a money only company and not quality and money like sony and nintendo

-Alpha2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Online is pretty much what MS is good at. Making the online structure of LIVE seemed to have made LIVE seem really special. Online gaming was the big thing this gen and they had that nailed down with Halo 3 at launch.

Unfortunately for MS some people aren't swayed with the feel of LIVE, especially for the price it's at. Sony was able to play the online war by keeping it simple by keeping it free and barebones, yet now they are aiming to offer a Premium service to combat LIVE. Where would that leave MS?

MS has Halo, Gears, and other franchises to keep them afloat. They specialize in online, and there are masses of gamers interested in that kind of gaming. That is how I see MS staying alive. However, it's sad that they aren't able to form studios to offer a more diverse lineup.

I wouldn't say buying out companies is "all" MS has done this gen. They lead online gaming with Halo and that helped them significantly at the start. I find that Halo specifically was what made LIVE so special. But really, I don't see the interest in LIVE outside of that, and right now in 2010, LIVE has no major significance to me.

As of now the focus is on Natal, and I'm assuming improving LIVE (since original LIVE has been pulled). If MS can improve LIVE and offer features that go beyond what they already have then they would distinguish themselves more, but they really need more studios making games. Thank God they have Halo because I honestly can't see the Xbox far without it.

BrutallyBlunt2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Most people in the industry still see Live as the leader in online play. I for one am seeing less value in it the more I play online on my PS3. Games like MAG makes you wonder why Microsoft is putting so much emphasis on trivial things like Twitter. Sure Facebook is another way of showing just how social Live is. The party chat can be nice too but why can't they simply just offer a basic service for us to play online for free? I don't use Facebook on my XBOX 360. It is nice being able to try all XBLA games though.

As for their own studios I used to think Microsoft was in real trouble by letting go some studios and only have a few key developers and a few known IP's. I don't see them having an advantage of coming out early next gen and being cheaper. I think Sony has done a great job at enhancing their studios and new IP's for the future. However XNA could be something that helps Microsoft down the line. Natal could also be a huge momentum shifter. If they can get publishers to create games solely for that then that is a bonus to them. I don't see Nintendo being too aggressive getting new studios and lots of new IP's. Publishers just came to them because the Wii offered something different. Maybe Natal will be that piece of hardware that they can get better exposure for them that was drowned out by Nintendo's 1st party games.

Now about spending money on 3rd party support. Can you really blame them? To them it was money well spent in not having GTA IV being timed exclusive on the Playstation 3 like previous GTA games on the Playstation 2. It's hard to do well when you're constantly the underdog and treated like a red-headed stepchild. Sony had major influence in the industry. The Playstation 2 dominated. So much so that it was the lead platform and often had exclusives from 3rd party publishers. So in reality all Microsoft has done was try and level the playing field by going after key IP's like GTA and FF. Now those games are not known as Playstation titles. This is why Sony has been so focused this generation on the hardware and their own games. They know that is what they need to highlight to get consumers to buy their product. No longer can they rely on the strength of the Playstation brand. The Playstation 3 is not selling like hotcakes so they don't have that influence anymore of being the system that has all the games. With Microsoft being aggressive with 3rd party publishers they have taken that huge chunk away from Sony. Most games come from 3rd party publishers. GTA IV being timed exclusive on the PS3 could have been a major system shifter in Sony's favor. Without 3rd party influence it makes Sony's job that much tougher, but I think Sony is more than up for it.

onanie2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

There's certainly a perception that multiplatform games are "better" on the 360, a message that I am sure Microsoft is only too eager to promote. "Multiplatform is the new exclusive", I imagine they would say in their boardrooms. I do remember Ballmer chanting "developers" (and it's not a pretty image, if u find it on youtube). Feeling confident that they have courted the developers (so much so that they dropped their own studios), they would naturally feel that multiplatform games would help differentiate themselves from Sony.

Only, at that time, they might not have anticipated the strength of Sony's first party studios.

Ultimately, multiplatform games are still - you guessed it - multiplatform. PS3 users are not deprived of them, while they have the added advantage of a stronger first party line-up (arguably).

As such, it would seem that all Microsoft can do (having shed themselves of most of their first party studios), is spend money. A viable strategy to some extent, but I do think that the gamer collective will ultimately wake up to see what the true difference is between the two (or three if you like) major offerings.

Optical_Matrix2987d ago

As trounbyfire said, XBL, apart from its overally commercialized and money hungry business structure, showed us how online should be done on consoles. Apart from that all MS is about this gen is spending money to point score against the competition instead of using their money to innovate our gaming experience. And dont even say Natal, it isn't their tech.

dizzleK2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

agree. it's all about giving sony the middle finger while they shit out halo, fable, gears and shooters at a rate that would embarrass even nintendo.

we have ms to thank for dlc, pay to play online, $60 games and a literal flood of short-ass online intensive shooters.

DJexs2987d ago

They bought out ea dice. Look at the DR P dlc. PS3 users do not get to use the dr p promotion to get it for free. they have to pay full price and had to wait several weeks just to get it. Microsoft just throws money around.

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