I Don’t Care About You or Your Stupid War

Jeffrey Matulef writes in his Challenging Conventions column for TheGameReviews: "I’ve been playing a lot of Darksiders lately. It’s easily one of my favorite games of the year, but there’s one complaint I have, one thing that holds it back from greatness: the writing. Simply because it does absolutely nothing to make me care about anyone or anything in it. Let’s start with the protagonist, War. He’s one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, which means he’s supposed to bring about the end of the world. Instead he answers a false alarm and triggers it prematurely. He should be executed for this, but he’s given the chance to find out who set him up, clear his name, and take revenge on those who’ve wronged him. So that’s his goal. The problem in all of this is that we know nothing of his life, so the reward of returning to it is not good motivation for the player. In short, War is not developed enough to be interesting, yet too developed to identify with."

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