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brycewilson2708d ago

I'm not that concerned. Conviction got delayed heavily and turned out pretty much okay.


1st delay, not bad. If there is another delay, then I will complain.

xc7x2708d ago

but Conviction was delayed more than once

KillerBBs2708d ago

I hate it when they rush the release and the multi player take 3 or 4 updates to get it right and they never get it right because the cd is hard coded. I want it to work out of the box... NOT like Gears aka Glitches of War I and II (rushed into production). One more game like that and I'm smashing the CD.
So, take your time, get it right, make it solid. A lot of people are counting on this title.

xc7x2708d ago

no offense but when's the last time [no matter how long a game was in development] did a game get it right all the way? every game i know of receives some sort of patch / fix,whether it was made a year or 4 from time of development.

badz1492708d ago

typical of Ubisoft these days! they better off just trademark it on their name and it will still make sense!

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DiLeCtioN2708d ago

are not in my trustworthy book of devs, not that you can nowadays...all money and no passion is the code this generation.

No maybe am being to harsh after all EA did change...

dgroundwater2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

I'm sorry, did you want them to rush the game for the holiday season? Would that be more honest?

Ubi may have some scary tendencies, but a delay is almost always for the good of the gamers.

MGRogue20172708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Quite a shame.. Ah well, It wasn't really on my radar to be honest.

*dips cigarette into ash tray & takes another sip*

It looks fun, don't me wrong.. But, you know.. There's Medal of Honor & CoD: Black Ops out there.. tough competition Ubisoft have got to compete agaisnt.. It definately looks fun from what I've seen out of the latest trailer though

TreMillz2708d ago

gotta settle for black ops or crysis 2 now

BattleAxe2708d ago

Crysis 2 is comming out around March 2011 also. Looks like you'll be settling for CoD: Black Ops.

dizzleK2708d ago

delay it forever. we certainly don't need ghost recon:halo lite...or any more PEW PEW PEW games period when you get right down to it.

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The story is too old to be commented.