Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood getting a multiplayer beta

TVGB: "Ubisoft will be holding a multiplayer beta for their 2010 Assassin’s Creed effort; CEO Yves Guillemot delivered the news through an earnings call the company held today."

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LumpsRGood2956d ago

Killing random strangers while controlling a virtual person that is controlling a virtual person? Yes please.

Drjft2956d ago

Hahahha your comment made me lol. It makes sense in theory! :p

Dizko2956d ago

Sup, I heard you like controlling virtual people so I put a virtual person inside your virtual person so you can control while controlling.

Boldy2956d ago

That reminds me of the Onion video.

xdye0172956d ago

That's virtually confusing :P

Cajun Chicken2956d ago

Be funny if it failed. Seriously, I would have a good laugh at that because the MP is the selling point for this new chapter.

hybridtheory122956d ago

Its good that theres a beta. just to see if it will fail. I personally dont think they can make AC multiplayer, but i hope Ubisoft prove me wrong

AliTheBrit192956d ago

Hope the multiplayer is good, can't wait for this game.

Glyn_Dwr2956d ago

...Uncharted multiplayer would work, but as soon as I started up that closed beta, it felt fantastic - adapted extremely well to the mechanics so I think Assassins Creed should follow suit!!