The new Need For Speed is called "Red Line" ?

Important update on the possible name of the new Need for Speed, developed by Criterion.

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nix2957d ago

i miss the NFS games. the old ones were so great to play. Most Wanted was probably the last game i liked. Carbon was really bad! the only think i liked in Carbon was that you would fall of the cliff. sometimes.

i haven't touched NFS since then.

Cernunnos2957d ago

Well, this one is being developed by Criterion, so I actually believe this one will be good!

Mr Logic2957d ago

Agree Most Wanted was really fun despite being a little too easy.

BeaArthur2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Agreed, the last NFS I played was Most Wanted and it was really good. I liked the demo for Shift but just never got around to trying it. I heard it has a lot less content than Forza 3 and definitely less than GT5.

toaster2957d ago

Yah Criterion is amazing. Just look at Burnout Paradise's success. It had great controls and amazing graphics even while moving at blazing speeds. Paradise is one of my favorite arcade racers.

On Topic: Red Lining is referring to the tachometer and when the meter goes into the red area, making a really loud noise and impressing the ladies (and guys). FYI just in case anybody wants to know..

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thematrix12982957d ago

Criterion is one of the best racing game developers. I'm sure it will not be a typical NFS.

DelbertGrady2957d ago

It will surely be great but I'd rather see a new Burnout title.

dirthurts2957d ago

High Stakes was fantastic. Shift was good too. But different developers.

food862957d ago

i just want a burnout paradise sequel ,

but bigger better and more badass.....(gears 2 quote from dude huge)

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The story is too old to be commented.