Why the PlayStation Move will sell beter than Natal

First of all: we don't say that PlayStation Move is beter than Natal, but at PS3Hype we have a number of reasons which show that the PlayStation Move will sell better.

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KitsuneNL2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

I hope that was a joke lol

Jack Klugman2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

lol.. nothing about this mass delusion is a joke.. funny how Move, the PS3 and it's bronzers needs a pep talk every day on this site.. usually at the expense of the #1 HD console.. :)

Who would buy this thing when there is a much more popular Wii? The only people buying this thing are existing ps3 owners.. while Natal is seen by many as an evolution of the Wii and not just a knock off.

Heartnet2897d ago

Why would people buy Natal whilst they already have the Wii? so in Natal you dont use a controller.. most of the family market like having a controller it makes sense lol..

KingME2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Conceptually, your question is better fit to be asked of PS Move, being that move is practically a wii-mote/nunchuk ripoff. Although I think move is better the the wii-mote, most people that think of that type of controller would have the wii come to mind before they would the PS3.

If Natal is all MS has hyped it to be, there won't be much on the market like it. Which will spread through the masses as the wii did.

My prediction is, in a couple of years, Natal will be highly successful and Sony will copy it just as they did the wiimote.

goalweiser2896d ago


This is where lack of information seriously hurts.

For the most part, everything NATAL can do, the Eye Toy can do too. If you want proof, just look at HipHopGamer's last Vidicle.

Sony has all bases covered on this one. They have a controller and the Eye Toy for a controller-less experience if necessary.

I'm sorry but with the majority of popular games as first person shooters on the Xbox 360, I have to say PlayStation Move will cover more games and sell more than Natal.

oohWii2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Wasn't that weak a$$ game the hip hop was playing some form of 2D platformer? I didn't see much there. That game was typical PS Eye gaming. Natal will be above and beyond that. NATAL the new "play beyond".

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Heartnet2897d ago

a joke? Sony are actually bothering to market their product.. i go into game shops and do i see a poster for Natal ? no i see none but i see 2 signs advertising Ps Move.

And also for the people who dont like change and like the Wii this will be a great system seller since the graphics will be better and it will work for most games.

DrWan2897d ago

Title Beter Beter Beter Beter???

Oh .. Better.

CadDad2897d ago

Ha ha.

Took my tired brain a sec too!


MNicholas2896d ago

It depends on the games and marketing
Natal's downgrade (removal of processor) basically turned it into a fancy webcam. However Microsoft will probably market it as some all-knowing eye.

The main advantages for move are:

1) Much lower latency
2) Much higher accuracy
3) Tactile feedback
4) Potential for backwards compatibility

The main advantage of Natal:

1) Full-body 3D motion capture (in theory)
2) Person and gender recognition (in theory)
3) Voice control (in theory)

So far, there have been no actual live demonstrations of all these things.

Unfortunately, despite all the fabricated videos Microsoft has been churning out (like that infamous boy, finger control of TV, etc.), Natal will have to do a lot to get over the impression created by this unedited live demonstration:

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cobraagent2897d ago

Here is why:
Imagine if you were a casual gamer and you had seen an advertisment for the Wii and another one for Natal. Would you buy the Natal because of the other games in the 360 library? NO You would buy Natal in order to lose weight and have fun. Now, Natal will be more expensive than the Wii since you will have to buy a 360 too(you are a casual gamer so you don't own it already). So, would you buy the cheap Wii or the expensive 360+Natal. The Wii of course. Lastly, you want to lose weight. So, would you buy the Wii that also offers wii sports,wii fit and your neighbor says he has lost lots of pounds or would you buy Natal that is less popular and you are not sure its gonna work?
To sum up:
1.More popular(even your 56 year old neighbor has it)
3.Games that appeal to you(wii fit)
4.Proven to be working(losing weight)
Thats called "Common Sense"

pileobunnies2897d ago

The question was why would Move sell more than Natal, not would Wii sell more than Natal.

cobraagent2897d ago

move works as the wii with more accuracy and hardcore games so for the casual gamer there is no difference

IdleLeeSiuLung2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Your conclusion is based on two assumptions:

1. That Natal will be expensive and that people will only buy cheaper stuff. Well the PS3 has proven that it holds it on even at once the highest price point of the three consoles, let alone the fact that we have no clue on Natal price.

2. That Natal does not work, and/or the consumer will wonder if it will. If MS has little booths at stores for people to try, they can determine it pretty quickly themselves. Lastly, in the US you can practically take any product back to the store within 30 day for a full refund. Still we don't know how well Natal works, but I can tell you that most people I see play that "boring old Ricochet" game seems to have a lot of fun and excitement.

With that said, this article is pure rubbish. I can think of plenty of other legitimate reasons for why PS Move CAN sell better than Natal, but the reasons this site gives is something that for the most part already is there (Playstation brand, blu-ray player and even the release date is pushed back to the Fall from the Spring). Why would that significantly change the landscape in September.

It's ironic that this site is called ps3HYPE, because they are clearly doing their job!

cobraagent2897d ago

Well, while i agree with you, the ps3 sells well even though it is the most expensive because of hardcore gamers, like us. Casual gamers back in 2007 had no interest in buying it and nor do they have any reason to buy it now. Wii and motion controlers are more popular and considering how much money M$ spent in developping Natal's technology, its going to be more expensive than Move

IdleLeeSiuLung2897d ago

The technology of Natal is in the software, it is a one time investment that can be used for a lot of things not only Natal. R&D should be part of any large company so I don't think that is an issue.

The camera itself is billed at $50 cost to manufacture so I really don't see an issue here.

Why are you trying to make it a dis Project Natal while praise PS Move? They both have obstacles... and the software is really what will determine their success. Great technology without use is useless!

Deith90002897d ago

lol like your losing weight angle, i have been eating lots of pizza in the hope natal will take lots of weight off! :D

N4Flamers2896d ago

they can get a gym membership or a home gym. I think insanity is cheaper too.

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Djeeaz2897d ago

He still needs to fix the title though :b