GameSpot: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Review

Despite its slow start and shallow combat, this is another fun entry in the long-running franchise. Series veterans will once again marvel at the prince's uncanny ability to reach higher ground while newcomers will wonder why they took so long to tag along for the ride. The problems keep this from joining the ranks of the best games in the franchise, but this is still a good effort that surprises and entertains.

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tunaks12925d ago

seems like this game wont bypass its predecessors

badz1492925d ago

by "bypass" u meant "surpass", right?

MGRogue20172925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Oh, What is this..? *tries to remember* .. Oh yeah, A movie game.

*leaves article immediately & goes straight to N4G's home page to await for more news*

tunaks12925d ago

its not based on the movie...

MGRogue20172925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Well.. the main character in the game looks just like the one in the new movie, Care to explain? =/

dizzleK2925d ago

the movie and character are based off the warrior within and two thrones models.

cranium2925d ago

To expand on what dizzleK said, there are 2 other PoP games starring this particular prince. They came out long ago on last gen systems. The movie is based off these games, not the other way around.

young juice2925d ago

because the movie is based off the first Prince of persia.

tunaks1 was just being slik

badz1492925d ago

I haven't watch it yet but the title kinda give it away. Sand of Time is still the BEST PoP I've ever played though! Kinda disappointed with the new breath Ubi gave to the last PoP game!

@young juice, Sand of Time was not the 1st PoP! PoP 1st appeared way back on PC a few decades ago! a 2D side scrolling game.

Silentmerc3nary2925d ago

"isn't the movie based off the PS2 game PoP Sand of Time?"

Also on Xbox, Gamecube, and PC.

Mikelarry2925d ago

wasnt impressed by the comabt videos im just gonna wait till this drops in price drastically before i purchase

cmrbe2925d ago

from Gamespot is a respectable score. Surprise considering its a movie tie in game.

DigitalAnalog2925d ago

This game takes place between Sands of Time and Warriors Within. Most likely explaning WHY he could still use the time powers even though he returned the "Dagger of Time" to Farah.

-End statement

dizzleK2925d ago

it's not a movie game. i'm pretty cynical but i'm not that cynical, i think its just coincidence.

either way it's nice to see a return to the (modern) series roots. i thought the last PoP was utterly misguided. i wouldn't have minded so much if they didn't release it under the PoP title.

badz1492925d ago

is speaking the truth! the last game could be anything else but PoP! releasing it as a PoP game kinda messed it up a bit for the fan of the series IMO!

ultramoot2925d ago

That is exactly what I've been saying. The last game was garbage compared to the standards that the trilogy set. I was kinds hoping this new game could bring back that authentic PoP feel from the SoT series. But if the review is to be believed, I guess Ubisoft is gonna have to worry about a lot more than just piracy.

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