GameFly Subscribers Receive Huge May Savings

PSLS writes: "This year has already been home to many great deals ranging from Amazon bonus credits for huge 2010 titles to PlayStation 3 Ultimate Bundles which include a game and controller. Now GameFly is hopping on the wagon and is delivering a huge used game sale to all subscribers of their service..."

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decimalator2930d ago

Love gamefly, LOVE! Already picked up WKC, might have to find some more deals.

spektical2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

i know!!!! its great to be GameFly subscriber. :)

now my wallet never feels too empty , 15$ a month is just right.

edit: idk about WKC, the user reviews have been really average for this game

ThePlaystation3guy2930d ago

I have some Gamefly points! WOOT!