Medal Of Honor "Not A Game About Politics" Say Devs

Medal Of Honor producer Greg Goodrich has told GamerZines that his franchise reboot is "not a game about politics" in a recent interview.

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MGRogue20172985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

... Whoever said it was? :D

Elvfam5112985d ago

I Did..Big Whoop Want To Fight About It

ppazuzu2985d ago

they keep saying this, but a game based around war - especially a contemporary war - is about politics whether it likes it or not

dizzleK2985d ago

lord forbid, that would actually make it interesting and more than just another generic-ass "shootan" game.

warfare exists as a direct result of politics, the 2 are eternally intertwined. i'd rather play a game with something to say, even if i disagree with it, than just another faceless super-soldier fps.

Darkstorn2985d ago

I would also rather play a game with social commentary than one without, but I hardly think a Medal of Honor game would contribute anything meaningful to the debate on, well, anything.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2985d ago

True. MoH would just offer a very Westernised take on War. It wouldn't add anything, just recycle the same ideas. I'd prefer the game to be less black and white than a shooter like CoD. Who knows, we might get a Bioshock-esque ideology centred single player. Then again. Probably not.

a_squirrel2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

are stupid. It's true, we pay our tax dollar to get guys to yell at each other about burning themselves with coffee that didn't say 'caution, hot'

MW2 I didn't like because I saw (guessed) what was going to happen (and was right), and something about the game never made it real to me. I never got any of the other guys personalities, and for some reason I was fighting both sides, and all of this screwed mess that makes no sense