PES 2011 Leaked In-game Screenshot

Yep, you read right guys, the pic in the header is the first gameplay image of PES 2011!

We’ll keep how we got hold of this close to our chest, but safe to say it’s completely unofficial. The actual quality and size make me believe it was taken via a mobile phone. Where and when remains unclear, but I can assure you its real.

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Gamer_892770d ago

pes is dead since 2006 so just give it up

kharma452769d ago

Sadly I have to agree.

I loved PES on PS2, it was joyous to play, but the kick in the balls I got from PES 2008 on PS3 was too much.

The game has gone stale and watched as FIFA has gone on leaps and bounds. The last few years we've been promised PES would be back on track by Seabass but it hasn't happened, so I'll be pessimistic over the new one until I can try it.

Danteh2769d ago

Messi also has a power bar in real life

BTW Barça Champion of la Liga while Madrid eats some sh!t

300 million euros for this haha

Visca el Barça!

Trey_4_life2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Pes is dead? Is that why it still out-sells FIFA in europe and japan?

Sorry i just thought dead meant finished, no more, gone for good, but out selling it's competitor in the major footballing continent of europe doesn't seem to equal that.

Baka-akaB2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

fifa is better presented and animated etc etc , but the gameplay remains inferior to me , even to the worst pes ...

PES is far from dead . 2010 saw the return of a better looking game . Problem is it was still ps2 pes at core with its subpar animation .

Bottom line is in less than two versions (2010 and 2010) PES seems dangerously close to overcome the only actual advantage of a fifa game (graphics and animation) , besides licences from the get go .

Perkel2769d ago

still any pes is better than any fifa in therms of gameplay. It's clunky sometimes and outdated but it is winning formula.

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Bodster2769d ago

Fifa is the game I always buy for the PS3, but I have to say that PES is so much better than Fifa on PSP.

Calm Down Sunshine2769d ago

The last, and only, football game I bought was 'Ronaldo V-Football' 10 years ago for the original playstation.

The bland football games i've tried since, both Fifa & Pes, still don't better it.

vhero2769d ago

Adidas Power Soccer as it was called (even in UK) was fantastic on PS1 with the incredible special shots. We need less realism and more fun.

Stuart57562769d ago

This is one sorry excuse of a screenshot, it's worthless tripe, blurred crap.

HarryM2769d ago

I just find them so boring. And every game that comes out is the same EXACT thing, maybe with a "manager" feature added and Rooney's face isn't as blurred, but that's it.

Trey_4_life2769d ago

I love football games but i only seem to enjoy them in multiplayer, not single player.

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The story is too old to be commented.