1UP: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands PS3/360 Review

1UP writes: "Prince of Persia's had somewhat of an identity problem this past decade. If you count Prince of Persia 3D, The Sands of Time, and 2008's Prince of Persia, The Forgotten Sands marks the fourth time Jordan Mechner's classic puzzle-platformer has been reinvented over the last ten years. It's strange, because with the last installment in the series simply bearing the name "Prince of Persia," you'd think that this sort of straightforward title would indicate a definitive reboot for a series that suffered a bit throughout the latter two installments of the Sands of Time Trilogy."

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Montrealien2984d ago

yep, I was pleasantly suprised this weekend with this game, glad it i getting good reviews, I think it deserves it.

GuruStarr782984d ago

Just picked up the PSP version at the Navy exchange along with a PS3 copy of Red Dead Redemption.....played the first level.....It's in 2-D, pretty good so far.....reminds me of the old school POP, also kinda like the assassins creed II game for the DS.