Split/Second Cheat DLC Now Available

Disney Interactive released today three downloadable content pack for Split/Second that allows gamers to unlock everything for a price.

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ShadyDevil2714d ago

Meh, I rather unlock it in a legit way

garos822714d ago

but there are some times that cheats in games can be useful, for those who dont have time to sit and unlock everything.
however doing it via dlc is VERY wrong.

Its just greed imo

garos822714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

sorry double post

xiren1872714d ago

I rather play through the season play...

DA_SHREDDER2714d ago

Black Rock has lost the very last bit of respect I ever had for them. Its such a shame too cause when it comes to ATV racing, they are second to none. Its too bad they are microsoft fanboys, and have totally left me unimpressed with their latest creation.

Roper3162714d ago

only a complete and utter fool would waste money on DLC like this. If your not good enough to unlock the extras yourself, you should....

A) practice, practice and practice

B) find a new hobby


I hate cheaters and cheats.

xiren1872714d ago

yea, it ruins the fun :(

BeaArthur2714d ago

Agreed. I used to use Game Shark back in the day but that was when I was a child. If I can't do it the legit way I don't want to do it.

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