Red Dead Redemption - Review (PlanetXbox360)

From the feature review:

"Video games exploring the Wild West have always been good, not great and nowhere close to phenomenal. This trend has been swiftly shattered as I can easily say that Red Dead Redemption is not only the best Western to grace a console, but one of the best games release this year so far. RDR revolves around the bloody story of John Marston a retired outlaw who picks up his gun one last time to hunt down the outlaws he used to consider his brothers. There are plenty of side stories interwoven into John’s hunt, with each showing us more of John’s background or the fall of the West and the rise of the technology."

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LaurenKB1232803d ago

Absolutely love this game, agree with the score 100% - go get it now!

PS360_372803d ago

Have you played it Lauren?!?!?! I'm jealous.

Tempist2803d ago

You must be playing Multiplayer because single player has been 'Hold X' for the past 30 minutes. Also you get a trophy /achievement for doing absolutely nothing but watch things happen.

Someone again remind me how this got 10/10?

PS360_372803d ago

What do you mean tempist? Is the first part of the game not interactive?

klado2803d ago

Then talk [email protected], you only have 30 minutes into it, and comes poping with those question like proposing the game doesnt deserve it...dude those score didn't comes out from the first 1hour, so shut and play.

UltimaEnder2803d ago

Hit me up for some online play, would love to check it out...

SnakePlissken2803d ago

Frys Electronics has the game in store and online for $49.99. Thought id give people the heads up on this deal.

BABY-JEDI2803d ago

If you cannot go into a saloon bar & order a cool glass of milk (John Wayne style)well whats the point?????

Only kidding cowboys, this looks good!!!! Yeeee Haaaa, ride those horsies LoL

Animal Mutha 762803d ago

All I want is to be able to spit into a bucket (and hear the ting) and light a cigarello around the poker table. Please include the smoking!

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