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Many will miss the bold revamp that the Prince of Persia series undertook over a year ago, but to fans of the classic series, as well as to newcomers, the platforming aspect is terrific, albeit a little slow to start off with. What holds the game back from being a truly stellar title is its dreadful combat system, as well as its lack of originality.

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JonnyBigBoss2959d ago

I had a feeling it'd be disappointing. Perhaps the movie will be better.

BeaArthur2959d ago

Yeah I've seen other sites give it an 8. Sounds like something worth renting during the summer drought.

Montrealien2959d ago

It`s a very solid action adventure that is basicly an hommage to the original sands of times trilogy that put Ubi montreal on the map. It should not be over looked since it is a good game.

What where you expecting mr jleak? To not be dissapointed that is. For conversation`s sake.

decimalator2959d ago

I still haven't finished the last PoP game, despite how easy it was supposed to be. I might rent this one after I get through my backlog of games I actually WANT to play...

Ashriel2959d ago

We all knew this wasn't going to AAA. I'm still renting it, obviously

Montrealien2959d ago

Well, I would easily consider this an A game.The triple AAA label is a little subjective imho.

TreMillz2959d ago

enough with the sands universe! put all that action into the new version and you got yourselves a game. though many say it was easy and repetative, ubisoft can revamp it and make it tons better, look how AC took a huge leap to AC2, ubisoft can do it, this time more action, same amount of platforming, multiple type of enemies, less playing hide and seek with light seeds

Montrealien2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

have you played the forgotten sands? This is an hommage to the sands of times series just in time for the movie. This game is what it should be, nothing more, nothing less and fans of the series will be very happy with this game.

edit for below, and because 3 bubbles is just crazy!

I am sure they will have a sequel to their reboot, this is for the movies imho and if you approach it as a tribute to the great sands of time series, you will not be dissapointed.

TreMillz2959d ago

maybe they did just do this for the movie but i was hoping for prince of persia 2, the best sands universe game and my fav overall was warrior within. omg i love that game! if the new one had that action along with elikas power, epic prince of persia game, plus the epilouge left me wanting even more than the original game did. it should get a sequel.

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