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“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Is what I’m sure many of you Pokemon fans are thinking about right now. After all, the series has sold over ten million copies worldwide with just the past DS generation alone; but hear me out. The battle system is starting to get old. Yes, we have our EV training along with IV/nature Pokemon Breeding that gives our beloved franchise so much depth. There’s the new Pokemon Video Championships, in which I was nearly one of the finalists for the San Francisco Regional. That said, the series is beginning to lose its charm for me, something that will hopefully be fixed with Pokemon Black and White." (Jason Young, GameZone)

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Raypture2860d ago

"In-Game Achievements"

No, just no, the pokemon fandom will explode into trying to get every single achievement rather than catch em all (which would presumably be one but you get the point)

overall pokemon isn't boring but people are just getting older and finding it hard to come to terms that it's made for kids and they aren't kids anymore.