3D's Place In Gaming: Is It Worth The Hype?

Recently, the entertainment world has witnessed the rise in popularity of 3D technology. This phenomenon is demonstrated by blockbuster films such as Avatar and Alice In Wonderland, making 3D viewing an integral part of the experience. Interest outside the box office has also grown. Major television manufacturing companies like Samsung and Sony have begun to incorporate expensive, 3D enabled TVs into their product offerings. This trend has also started to make its mark on the gaming industry. All three platform makers have announced 3D initiatives - Sony and Microsoft with 3D enabled consoles, and Nintendo’s new 3DS handheld. While there is room for 3D content in games, the emphasis many companies are placing on it feels like an opportunistic attempt to push expensive products on consumers, as opposed to creating substantive game content.

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jammers2930d ago

I think the 3D thing is still just a big gimmick that is only available for those with largely disposable incomes. Useless to the general public for at least another 5 years.

The Slash2930d ago

It won't take off until they get rid of the glasses, IMO.

Raypture2930d ago

"consumers have become increasingly indifferent to advances in traditional 2D resolution."

Blu-Ray has gotten into houses faster than DVD, but with the people who don't know anything about resoloutions they just see it as a more expensive DVD, which sony should start a marketing campaign about the difference, my dad rented a blu-ray once thinking he could play it in a DVD player which made me facepalm.

3D has been around forever, thing is it isn't as impressive as it's made out to be, just because avatar sold well doesn't mean 3D is the future, overall it had bad writing and was a pochohontas clone from what I heard. Thing is 3D is just a gimmick to sell TV's and charge more for blu-rays and movie tickets, capitalism at its finest.