Americas Preorders Chart, 15th May 2010

VGChartz - "Red Dead Redemption hits 450,000 pre-orders before launch and should produce one of the biggest first weeks of the year so far"

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franco2985d ago

I helped to increase SMG2 pre order numbers.
Cant Wait!

N4GAddict2985d ago

Good for you. The game will rock.

eagle212985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

These little disagree's are like a teardrop for the damage this game will do worldwide. :)

Braineater24482985d ago

I havent preordered SMG2, but damn I want that game.

bmw692985d ago

Who doesn't? It's Mario man!!

N4GAddict2985d ago

Mario games are the best

Coheno2985d ago

There are people in here actually excited for a Wii game...that is new...oh wait, its a Mario...nevermind!

But yeah, RDR in EU on Friday, can't wait!

CR-Y-SIS2985d ago

So this marked the 200th times Mario stars in Nintendo games or what?

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The story is too old to be commented.