5 reasons to hate Red Dead Redemption

After giving 10 good reasons to love Red Dead Redemption, Cynamite has now posted their follow-up article with 5 reasons to hate Rockstar's newest blockbuster. Do you agree with the annoyances?

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Orange Juice2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I havent played enough to be turned off by any annoyances just yet. It does bother both my girlfriend and I however that John is voiced by a no name Bill Paxton soundalike. Why not just get Bill Paxton to do the voice? He cant be that expensive.

guitarded772861d ago

Bubbles for mentioning Pax man... He's one of my favorite craptastic actors ever!

MGRogue20172861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

.. There is no reason at all to hate Red Dead Redemption, Ya I'm serious, It's a fantastic game :)

Can i haz bubblez??? :D

mikeslemonade2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

My gripes:
1. Auto-aiming
2. Mediocre graphics
3. PS3 version is 644p
4. Uninteresting atmosphere( screw fallout 3 and these boring and drab empty enviroments) (I want a bustling city)

theEXPATRIATED2861d ago

This is one major turnoff for me too! I haven't picked it up, but this feature makes me not want to :/

bjornbear2861d ago

4. Uninteresting atmosphere( screw fallout 3 and these boring and drab empty enviroments) (I want a bustling city)

then why are you playing RDR, go play GTAIV

3. PS3 version is 644p

how is that bad? how on EARTH does that deter from the gameplay and experience?

auto-aim i believe can be turned off (or maybe just in multiplayer)

mediocre graphics well, thats subjective but i think it looks great =)

Keanu7772861d ago

I hate all the haters of this game!

Nike2861d ago

Pretty sure that's how the GTAIV fanatacism started.

BeaArthur2861d ago

haha, I've been waiting for someone to point that out. Everyone loved GTA4 and then they all hated it. I liked GTA4 and I'm sure I will like this as well.

bjornbear2861d ago

i'll be very surprised, if i like it more, i'll be in heaven!

i expect to like it more...

mal_tez922861d ago

If I liked Red Dead Revolver, but HATED GTA IV, will I like this?

Szarky2861d ago

How is the auto-aim? Is it fine, annoying? It's been too long since GTA IV for me to remember. That's the only thing really holding me back right now of getting it. SP wouldn't be so bad but multiplayer I would think you wouldn't want it at all.

ThatArtGuy2861d ago

You can turn off auto-aim. In GTA4 you can set your online preferences to turn off auto-aim as well, so you'll never join games with it on.

Pennywise2861d ago

I wish someone could clarify how auto aim works in MP. I know I can turn mine off, but can I create a room with NO autoaim for anyone?

Pennywise2861d ago

+ Bubbles for you Monk3y. Thank you.

electricshadow2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Wow, the game came out today and people are hating it already? That didn't take long. I'm picking my copy up in half and hour and I'm so excited.

-Alpha2861d ago

In order to get an article recognized you have to be controversial at times. Take a popular game, and hate on it. That'll get attention!

I'm sure there are some annoyances with RDR. Hate is probably a strong word, but it's catchy for the title. I prefer to look at this article as 5 problems that RDR has. I like reading these articles because they are more realistic. I know how GREAT RDR is but now I want to know what problems linger.

I know auto-aim was a big issue back in GTA IV, I'm hoping it's fixed in RDR. I heard you also spawn next to enemies in Multiplayer which is uber-lame.

himdeel2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

...on both points. One it's easier to get an article approved if it has a wee bit of controversy. That being said EVERY game has some annoyances or some subtle...hmm nuances that make you wonder why they did this or why didn't they fix that. It's the nature of games in general.

Also auto aim in GTA4 was bogus and I equally hope that once I get home and pop RDR in and turn auto aim off it's gunplay isn't a pain and a half to deal with.

EDIT: I also wouldn't say that they are hating on a game because they don't like something about it. I hated that in Killzone 2 it felt like Sev was really short but it didn't "break" the game for me or make it less enjoyable.

Brewski0072861d ago

I hate it because i havent got it yet. !! Damn you european release dates!!!

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