Is Red Dead Redemption the best sandbox ever?

Is Read Dead Redemption the best open-world game ever made? If unanimous critical and public praise is to be believed, it probably is.

Rockstar's very excellent Western has so far managed a stunning Metacritic score of 95 on Xbox 360, not only putting it above other big-hitting sandbox games such as Red Faction: Guerrilla (85), both Saints Rows (81, 82), both GTA IV episodes (89, 90), Crackdown (83) and PS3 exclusive InFamous (85).

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SupeerSteebbi2959d ago

Playing this right now and i can tell you that it's insanely awesome Best sandbox game of all time i can tell you.

kneon2959d ago

I'm only about 30 minutes into it, half of which was cut scenes and so far I'm not feeling it. It's ok but the shooting control feels a little weird. The graphics are ok, nothing to brag about. I can't comment much on the story yet as it hasn't really progressed much, I'm sure it will get better.

ReservoirDog3162959d ago

I don't really care for the thought of the golden guns weapon pack (I hate being too powerful in games, I never even cheated in GTA) so if anyone wants them, pm me (PS3 version).

Moragami2959d ago

It's not on PC. So therefore from a technology standpoint, no, it can't be the best sandbox ever.

t8502959d ago

waiting on the PC version myself.

ThanatosDMC2958d ago

They should make the carving animation faster. Seriously hating on how much time i lose carving out 10+ wolves.

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thematrix12982959d ago guys need to land back in Earth. Of course it's not the best sandbox ever. If it is then what is the point of making another game in this genre?

cpuchess2959d ago

Then what is? The point to making another game is anything can be improved...

thematrix12982959d ago

"anything can be improved" exactly my point. No game is perfect because there is always room for improvement. This the nature of human civilization. This game is definitely not 10/10.


No one is claiming it to be perfect, just the better one so far...

I would'n say the best ever anyway, many people was claiming same thing 3~4 weeks ago about Just Cause...

Karlnag32959d ago

D: please stop hyping this.... it's not out until Friday here and I have been expecting good things for a long time. Hold off because I don't wanna feel disappointed.

ExposingLames2959d ago

sucks to be you....i didnt even get my copy early, but there was a midnight release last night

catguykyou2959d ago

So I hear the game is actually one long dream sequence of the main character in gta5 and at the end, he wakes up and you get the first glimps at gta5.

nycredude2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

It's good but there are alot of flaws. Not worth 10 but easily a 9. there are a lot of glitches with the graphics and the save system absolutely sucks! It doesn't automatically save when you reach a new town.

As a sandbox game I think Just Cause 2 has way better tech.

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