Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands uses up to six CPU cores

PC Games Hardware has interviewed Alain Dessureaux, Lead Programmer of PoP: the Forgotten Sands. They learned that the PC version will support up to six CPU cores and Ati Eyefinity multi-monitoring. Furthermore it is said that the PC version is released four weeks after the console version in order to ensure better compatibility testing and a more refined user experience for the player.

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Pandamobile2894d ago

Wow, Ubi actually added features for the PC version?

It will most likely still use that retarded UbiDRM, so it's a no-buy from me.

Letros2894d ago

Passing as well, haven't given into it yet, we will see if Ghost Recon carries the retarDRM scheme as well.

Charmers2894d ago

you will probably find 3 of the cores are used up with the DRM at any rate it's a Ubisoft game which = no buy for me. Seriously when are Ubisoft going to get it into their heads we don't want their drm infested rubbish on the PC.