Modnation Racers Review ( "Sony’s Modnation Racers is a game that goes several extra miles in the pursuit of sheer and unbridled entertainment, and yet it would’ve been a formidable proposition even if it didn’t. Adhering to the rules of the kart racer format whilst simultaneously digressing from them, it’s a commendably novel and compelling amalgam, that takes more than its fair share of stimulating risks..."

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GWAVE2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

PS3 just won't quit. It has game after game after game...I can't keep up.

Edit: @ below

Or PC, or DS, or Wii, or PSP...

Yeah, it's impossible to keep up. But that's a good thing!

tdogchristy902988d ago

I have that feeling about this generation be it 360 or ps3. So many quality games it does seem hard to keep up.

captain-obvious2988d ago

i got this game to day
i love it
there is alot of things to play with but online is not their yet since the servers are not up

one update so far
everything is great in it
controls are perfect and responsive

there is some minor graphics and frame rate problems
load times are long but NOT as long as everyone thinks
but those problems are really minor

i say go out and get this game right now
you'll thanks me

despair2988d ago

damn u early copy people I have to wait a week almost after release date for it to ship to my country :(

ThatArtGuy2988d ago

it's a must buy game. I like reviews like these. You get their impressions, pluses, and minuses with *no* arbitrary number score.

dalibor2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

I would add to the fact every review needs the Fun Factor side of things. But there comes a point where you gather all the information about a game yourself and make a decision of whether buying the game or not. Video footage is also a great way to see the game for what it is... partially. Demos are great to but fails to unravel the suspense/story/characters/bonu ses/even online play(at times) in a game