6 amazing cult movies to watch on your PS3

GamesRadar: If you're a bit of an art-house dandy when it comes to movies, you'll be pleased to hear that Sony is bringing a new movie service to PS3 dedicated to indie flicks, world cinema, black and white classics and anything else that discerning film buffs would have in their collection.

It's a partnership with online film library MUBI and the service is planned to launch this autumn with over 300 films to choose from. Some movies will be free, others pay-per-view and there will also be an all-you-can-watch monthly subscription option. The show reel below gives a glimpse of the kind of movies we can expect:

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Morgue2956d ago

Brother is also a good one.

bjornbear2956d ago

and how is metropolis cult? it was a HUGE production, good success, critically acclaimed classic and its getting a remake!

not cult, but still AWESOME!

AngryFork2956d ago

Coincidence, I'm going to see the restored version of Metropolis today in NYC at the film forum.

Zeevious2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

for it's time, and message.

It's had several restorations, so I hope the one you're seeing is the restored...restored version from the just discovered 2008 Argentina master. It's 30 minutes longer!
http://www.filminstitut.udk... - <use translator>

Enjoy the's brilliant.

RumbleFish2956d ago

I recommend Metropolis. One of the greatest german expressoinist films. Read also in the internet how it was filmed! Amaxing special FX for a movie made in the 20s!

Rowsdower2956d ago

if you have netflix streaming you can watch metropolis and the vengence trilogy: sympathy for mr vengence, old boy, and sympathy for lady vengence

great films

Zeevious2956d ago

I just finished watching Metropolis again on Netflix, and added these 3 to our Instant Stream!

I never would have even known of these without your recommendation. +BuBBles for your help!

Zeevious2956d ago

Where else could you instantly watch the movie . . .

U L T R A C H R I S T !

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