Duke University Using Game Systems To Crunch Scientific Problems

As researchers in more disciplines recognize the potential of GPU computing, West predicts new synergies between scientific research and the computer gaming industry.

"The next Xbox will be a scientific engine as well as a gaming engine,” said West, who now is experimenting with the potential for clustering multiple GPUs. “By embracing the technology to understand how it can help in research, we are also feeding back to the people who drive the technology changes.”

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SuperStrokey11232929d ago

Im not 100% sure but i think its more likely that they are using ps3s rather than 360s as opposed to what the picture shows...

Old Greg2929d ago

This project was all about GPU computing. And as you know the amount of RAM the PS3 utilizes for its GPU is static at 256mb----as where the 360's is not, and could utilize the entire 512mb.

SuperStrokey11232929d ago

you are correct i misread it. Im not sure which applies to now. Cause if they were going to use a chip it would be better to use the cell as it excels at this sort of thing.