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vgn242952d ago

Of course it is. EVERY third party game, from Gears of War to Metal Gear is always under consideration for a crossover. It's about money. This is a business. Fanboys don't run these companies, businessmen do. If it is feasible, "IF", then it'll happen.

GWAVE2952d ago

So, "yes, it will be multiplatform, but there will be no performance drop or cuts to the gameplay! I promise! I promise!"

When will people stop taking SE seriously? Their company is a joke run by half-drunk mules at this point.

deafwing2952d ago

how did you even think to type that.

Akagi2952d ago

Post-2000, what good has SE done? Really?

StanLee2952d ago

The internet will explode if or when this is announced.

PS360_372952d ago Show
gaffyh2952d ago

It probably will end up going multiplat and then end up looking blocky in parts like FF13 (seriously, look at the FINGERS). I hope it stays exclusive, but I'll get the game either way.

nix2952d ago

i don't mind as long as it doesn't gimp the PS3 version.

hay2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

@Akagi: The World Ends With You and FF12 for me.

If it'll go on Box this time I'll download it and then buy if it's lesser cr*p than FF13.

Darrius Cole2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )


If it goes multi-platform then it is going to gimp the PS3 version. Just the same way that being multi-platform gimped the FFXIII.


The thing is I don't think being multi-platform is going to increase the overall sales. FF13 sold about 850,000 units on 360. I am convinced that it would have sold at least 1 million more units on PS3 if it were exclusive.

Pure fan-ism would have been worth an extra million copies. If it(FF13) had allowed the PS3's advantages to actually improve the game it would have sold more than an extra million. A PS3-exclusive FF13 would have done things like leaving the cities and towns in the game, being open-world from the beginning, putting English and Japanese soundtracks and subtitles on every disc, all because it would still have space on the Blu-ray disc. Moveover it would not have nerfed the graphics from the original vision and trailers because PS3 are able to produce better graphics. Those differences alone would have meant better ratings and better sales.

Being multi-platform doesn't always help a game sell more. Actually going multi-platform late in the marketing of a game actually makes it sell worse I believe. You piss of fans who were expecting an exclusive, and you nerf the game for the lowest common denominator; so they never turn-out as good as they were expected to be.


On top of all that above, FF13 got no marketing on PS3 in the western hemisphere. All of the FF13 marketing in the US and Europe had 360 logos in it.

All these thing added together convince me that FF13 sales numbers got no significant benefit from being multi-plat instead of PS3 exclusive.

1. The game was lesser than it would have been if it were PS3 exclusive.
2. The PS3 version of the game got no marketing in the US or Europe.
3. Much of the game's natural fan-base, PS3 owners in the US, were insulted because the game went a way to designed to create maximum shock value, I might add.

Need more bubbles...the more I write, more material I think of, the more convince I become.

Brewski0072952d ago

These guys let this information slip out there so they get offers from both microsoft and sony. Microsoft used all their big bucks to get xiii and now an announcement like this just baits them to do the same again. While it also baits sony to pay up more for exclusivity rights.
This is just a smart business tactic from some suits i think.

mikeslemonade2952d ago

Square Enix is freaking garbage I'm not buying this or FFXIII. Versus 13 is going to be gimped.

As far as Microsoft strategy they obviously payed Square Enix so they can make it multiplatform. The multiplatform prevents 360-only console owners that are Square Enix fans to go out and buy a PS3.

Redempteur2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

When SE is using the assets of a console , the game is sure to be something ...

The world ends with you ( ds )
FF the cristal bearers ( a technical marvel on wii IMO )
Dissidia ( psp )

And so on ...

Se is at his best when they try to exploit the console they are devellopping on .. Going multiplat is wrong and will affect the game it self IMO ...

kalebgray922952d ago

cuz they gave the finger to playstation... the plattform that made them from great developers to legendary.... they just go after money now... which im not blaming them for it... it is a business but they lack the motivation to make the greatest games of all time like they did with ffvii, ffx, and kingdom hearts... yeah i said it kingdom hearts ....... but since 2004 ill say.... they just said screw you playstation... now ff versus xiii is supposed to be the next 7 or 10 but if they comprimise the ps3 version and actually go multiplatt the same will happen to ff that happened to 13.... make it an ok game

JAMurida2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

lol, if FFXIII Versus is announced to come on the 360, WW3 will break out.

But really I don't mind as long as they don't cut content or leave out extras that were original planned to make both versions "equal".

Christopher2952d ago

***If it goes multi-platform then it is going to gimp the PS3 version. Just the same way that being multi-platform gimped the FFXIII. ***

And 99% of the customer base won't even tell the difference, and Square Enix knows that.

CryWolf2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

If Square Enix take FFXIII Versus multiplatform were going to lose gameplay/high quality graphics and didn't they already take 1GB of gameplay from 360 version of Final fantasy 13, I remember reading about on this web site where's the irony at.

Luzce2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Regardless if they can tell the difference or not, people pay for the better quality. How many people do you think can tell the difference between 720p and a 1080p? Nevertheless, many of those people that can't tell pay for the 1080p set. How many people can tell the difference between Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS Master Audio? Not many, but people pay for it.

Apart from it being... awesome, I believe this is why GOW3 sold so well. People believed it was the "best looking game". So I'll agree with Darrius Cole, gimping the PS3 version of FFXIII to make a 360 port would possibly hurt more than help the sales of the game.

But then again my opinion doesn't matter and they'll do whatever they want.

Ninja-Sama2952d ago

Looks like I'm gonna rent versus, or borrow it from a friend.

Millah2952d ago

Do people honestly even care about versus at this point? Honestly, who gives a fuck about anything square enix does anymore, they've shown their true colors and intentions with ff13 and every other recent game of theirs. They don't care about making the best jrpg in the business anymore, all they care about is making the most money. So honestly, I would almost guarantee that this will probably be brought to 360 as well, and the game will turn into some shitty Japanese hack and slash type game and not a true action jrpg..

Blaine2952d ago

That's exactly how I feel about Capcom this gen. They used to be almighty during the PS2 era, until they turned around and spat in Sony's face.

I haven't bought a single game of theirs this gen. DMC4 wasn't even close to living up to the series' original; Lost Planet looks good in internet videos but is actually an excruciatingly average game; Bionic Commando, Dark Void, lol; and Dead Rising which was 360 exclusive in its first installment (to name a few).

Capcom and SE both went the way of the $$$, and I have no respect for them anymore. A coincidence that their games suck? I don't think so. And, to anyone who would want to argue with me that their games don't suck, consider how amazing their games used to be and compare with what they are now (and imagine what they could/should be).

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Jamie Foxx2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

..harsh but true

Redrum0592952d ago

Yet, another game gimped... I hope nomura has something to say about this.

ShinMaster2952d ago

Nomura was always willing to keep the game as PS3 exclusive. Even reassured his dev team that the code would stay as it is.

But unfortunately, he doesn't run SquareEnix. So nothing's for sure.

Theonik2952d ago

Nomura did threaten SE taht he would quit if Versus also went multiplat. That is why it hasn't been announced so far. I don't think SE will risk it after the FFXIII 360 sales.


not because it is on the 360, just because Square has lost it. The game is not as good as previous RPGS no matter you are a fanboy of whatever console. Versus for me is going to be the same and it may end being a multiplatform game because as somebody said: "third party exclusives are almost dead". Its up to first party studios to show us what the console they work has to offer, and in this category MS lost no matter how many FF or MGS they get. So to me I dont give a $hit if it goes multiplatform because Im not going to buy it. The same way I didnt bougth FF13.
Look at what happened to Red Dead Redemption...3 years after Rstar started to work on GTA4 and they used the same sub HD engine on the PS3. This is disrespectfull that they even took the time to at least make it on par with the 360 engine. That only means that everybody wants money...and the easier way to get it the better. Thats why the Wii has lots of shovelware and we PS3 players have bad ports and 360 owners are proud they have "stole" the games we made famous...I really dont care!!. You can keep FF versus too if you want, that doesnt change the fact that my best gaming comes from PS3 exclusives.


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Abash2952d ago

2012 release confirmed -_-

Etseix2952d ago

haha u wish! it will be a 2013+ release ;] ... crap

Das_Bastardion2952d ago

But c´mon if this stupid japanese whore makes it multiplat... it will turn just like FF 13... REALLY bad thanks to the limitations of the Xbox

BeaArthur2952d ago

I like the way people like you blame the Xbox every time a game doesn't meet your expectations. FF13 was going to be a very similar game whether it was on the 360 or not. The 360 version wasn't even announced until multiple years after production started.

corneliuscrust2952d ago

Sure, 360 got a worse looking version... the game still looks great. Too bad it is a terrible game to playthrough.. let alone more than once.

I am still waiting for a good FFVI remake...psp, ds, HD, whatever. Bring back FF to the good old days.

Milamber2952d ago

The Xbox version was just a lousy port of a PS game; FFXIII's execution on the PS3 would have been the same with or without said port. They made better FF's on hardware far, far inferior to the 360 so it's silly to blame hardware limitations for FFXIII's failings.

Luzce2952d ago

Why all the disagrees with the above posts? Nothing wrong there... seems like N4G users are saying "All PS3 exclusive are awesome, all multi-plats suck".

It's possible to make a crappy game, no matter what console you are on. Yes, it's possible to have a crappy PS3 exclusive. (Release day Lair anyone?)

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vhero2952d ago

They got one ff out on 360 to get all the FF fans 360 was gonna get MS dont need to pump more money into SE for another game as it won't sell any more consoles.

Hellsvacancy2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

MS will, just to get one over on Sony

booni32952d ago

am i the only one who thinks that maybe FFXIII just wasnt that good of a game and thats why it sucked?


Another Gimp version.

It will sell more for PS3.

catguykyou2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

They don't need FFXIII to sell more consoles. The people who would bought the game for 360/ bought XIII version console will prob purchase Versus XIII as well. It's really up to square. They now know about what they can sell if they take that path again.
With that information they can rationalize which choice is better for the direction they want to take. At the end of the day, SE can't make games if they aren't making a profit on the games they are selling.

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Cold 20002952d ago ShowReplies(4)
freeblue2952d ago

the moment verus announced mutliplaf, is the moment i cancel my pre-order. not becuase i wont' buy. I'll for ps3. knowing what ff13 turned out to be.. it will not worth the full price for me. I'll wait for it to drop to 30.

Nike2952d ago

You're telling me you pre-ordered the game, not seeing any gameplay footage whatsoever? And you're going to cancel that pre-order only because it could be (as in, "hard to tell") multi-platform? And then you'll still buy it? And you don't even have a pre-order to begin with?!

(Head explodes)

catguykyou2952d ago

Multiplat didnt kill XIII. Trying to make the game appeal to a greater audience, working with a new engine, and new consoles is what *changed FFXIII. Versus XIII should be a lot more than what XIII was in terms of what people were hoping XIII would include.

*changed = didn't mean the game was bad, just not what people expected a game to play like with the FF title.

sikbeta2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )


True, but SE better don't Push hard cos it'll make Real FF Players Mad and they'll without of doubt Show the Finger, no-1 will stand another Lame FF game ala FF13


This got nothing to with Being Multilat, the point is, we're Expecting the BEST FF, so if they can't deal with 2 versions and everything end up like FF13, people will feel disappointed

vgn242952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Because if I remember correctly, they didn't go out of business after jumping from SNES to PSone. The hardcores followed. And FF XIII is this generations VIII.

Godmars2902952d ago

When they made the move from SNES to PS1 there were marked improvements to how they presented much less told a story.

Going multiplatform, openly endorsing the 360 while still making games for the PS3, bringing no notable improvements, has only brought stigmas to their rep.

Nike2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Yeah, I voted this "hard to tell" for a reason.

"If" is a perfect one-word answer because it masks an infinite number of variables.

But man, some people (commenting below) are really taking this hard. o.O

Also, I find it funny how people are saying SE can't handle two versions of the same game. Didn't hear any complaints when FFXIII and Versus XIII were both exclusive to PS3 about SE perhaps not being able to handle both of those games at once. How you felt about playing FFXIII (which I have not) is purely one's own opinion, as always.

OmarJA-N4G2952d ago

Go a head Square Enix, ruin the game.

bpac1234567892952d ago

There goes any chance of this being a truly great game. Square Enix isn't going to put the type of effort it takes to make this an excellent game across both platforms. I wish it would stay PS3 exclusive so they don't have to compromise quality by working on two systems, but I guess money rules the world...

Commander TK2952d ago

SE, when will u give a guy a break?

Commander TK2952d ago

SE´s chance of coming back to mainstream. Hope Nomura is against this.

catguykyou2952d ago

I've said this before and I'll say it again. If this goes multi-plat, you will see an angry group of people claiming that the stuff shown so far was all in game (primarily talking about the cgi shown) and that the game as it will look at the time is dumbed down because of it going multiplat (because it will be compared to the original cgi footage).

If it goes multiplat, whatever. They have already said the game will have a world map, air ships, etc etc so it will already be way more expansive than XIII. Ill buy it for whichever system it looks/runs better on which will prob be the PS3 since XIII uses the same engine.

Jab-dees-nuts2952d ago

I dont have a problem with 360 getting versus, my problem lies when SE tries to dumb the ps3 version so that the 360 doesnt redring. Sorry to say fanboys but Xbox sucks in terms of hardware and we (ps3 owners) have to suffer. If they go multi plat and dumb it down ill see to it to tell everyone i know that the game is a failure much like FFXIII.

8thnightvolley2952d ago

hahahahahha this is funnny.. i need my popcorn BADLY.!!!

Christopher2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

With how well FFXIII did on the 360, I don't see why they wouldn't go multiplatform with all of their releases outside of Japan.

PS3 Sales outside of Japan: ~2m
360 Sales outside of Japan: ~1.3m

Keeping it on PS3 in Japan will result in killer sales there, but putting it out on 360 in Europe and America will result in a lot of additional profit. Especially since they already have the engines set-up for doing parallel development.

Eamon2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

It's amazing how this is just a rumour yet there's over 160 comments.

Even professional articles don't get this much!

kratos1232952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

ill help you man
this is the total sale at the moment
360: 1.29m
and here it comes guys
ps3 :4.00m
look at the difference my god man why would you even put the effort to make this title multiplatform and anger your fanbase just why
and dont give my the lame argument the 360 version didnt come out in japan here ask yourself this is the 360 selling in japan
answer a big no no

Christopher2952d ago

It doesn't matter the percentage of difference, what matters is the potential for additional profit. 1.3 million additional sales is all about profit and more than enough to justify a 360 release of their future AAA titles outside of Japan. Japan will remain exclusive to the PS3 because of the dominant market there, but comparing the ~2 million sales on the PS3 outside of Japan to the ~1.3 million on the 360, there's more than enough reason to extend your customer base by going multiplatform.

kratos1232952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

but why would you want to hourt your fanbase at this moment if this is treu i will only support SE with my psp thats the only thing they got right this gen everything else is just meeh or garbage and also why make 360 exclusief and not 1 ps3 they now it would sell more on ps3 just answer that qeustion and i will be happy

Christopher2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Not sure I understand your full question, but let me answer what I can:

***but why would you want to hourt your fanbase at this moment***

Xbox 360 sold to 1.3 million users outside of Japan. Taking into account the recently reported sales of 5.5 million worldwide, you're talking about cutting off 20% of the fanbase by going just PS3 exclusive worldwide.

***why make 360 exclusief and not 1 ps3***

Nothing about making any game platform exclusive except for all FF games just for the PS3 in Japan since the 360 market is extremely small in comparison in Japan.

***it would sell more on ps3***

Worldwide, yes. But, take out Japan and it would likely sell at least half as many as the PS3 version. Why? Because of the current dominance of the Xbox 360 in the market, especially in the second largest FF market, the U.S.


The point here is that it's a sound business decision that leads to higher profit potential to take it multiplatform outside of Japan.

Darrius Cole2952d ago

You can't ignore the fact effect of exclusive marketing for the 360 version. The exact effect it would have had is unknowable however, we know that marketing is signficant.

You also can't ignore the effect of releasing the game withing one week of God of War III's release, something that would not have happened had the game been a PS3 exclusive.

What is also real but unknowable is the effect that the multi-plat announcement (and the way it was announced) has on the PS3 fans.

Lastly there is the effect that the multi-plat development has on the game quality and the effect that the quality has on the sales.

All these things work in favor of the 360 as much as possible and if they were any different would have resulted in higher PS3 sales and lower 360.

JAMurida2952d ago


I still wonder though how many more would of sold on PS3 if FFXIII was still exclusive. When FFXIII was advertised it only showed MS's 360 logo on it, so the people out there who don't know what system it will come on would go for 360, as well with them making a 360 bundle for FFXIII. But even with the exclusive advertisement, the PS3 version still sold more, even when SE decided to tell the world at the last two hours before release that FFXIV beta code would be on the PS3 version, (which I think was a low move on them announcing this in the LAST two hours before release). So, IMO, I don't think the 360 version sold that well, seeing to how it had exclusive advertisement and still sold less then PS3.

Regardless though I'm sure it was profit for SE, so I wouldn't be surprise to see XIII versus go multiplat. Like I said above though, I just hope they don't cut content or what not to make both versions "equal".

kratos1232952d ago

like the people above my have stated the only reason it sold that well was because first of all it sold next the god of war 3 and 360 had exclusief advertising in eu and us hmmmmm why did it sell sooo oke in eu and us this is trully hurting my brain

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colonel1792952d ago

is that right after they announced FFXIII for 360 they released a trailer of FFversusXIII saying FOR PLAYSTATION 3 ONLY WORLDWIDE, then, after some time, they released another trailer saying, EXCLUSIVE FOR PLAYSTATION 3 WORLDWIDE.

I just don´t know how this POS Wada has the balls to be this cynical. This guy deserves to rot just like Bobby Kotick

Heisenberg2952d ago

After the crap they've been putting out, SE's gonna have to convince me they can even make a decent RPG again before I would even consider buying another FF. Eat a dîck Wada, ya greedy prîck.

TechnicalBS2952d ago

If SE decides to release versus on the 360, more power to them.

Alvadr2952d ago

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO dont do it Mr Square-Enix

Hallmark Moment2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Well we all know it's coming. It will be revealed at E3. The developers are just trying to break the ice getting people use to the idea.

Dam you can feel the wind changing due to E3/Natal/game changer

UltraNova2952d ago

After FF13 I dont care about SE's games anymore let them do what ever they want.

I would even suggest them to make it multi-platform because people are beginning to realize their steep downhill course from 2000 until today and they need to cater to as many people possible just to make sure they make the development money back.