It's good to be bad in Red Dead Redemption

WHENEVER given the option in a video game, I invariably bend toward the darkness.
If I'm going to do good deeds, I may as well save them for real life where it counts. When it comes to those digital denizens of the video game world, with their strict and artificial rules, I like to have a little fun.

And when I got done with a recent six hour play session of Red Dead Redemption, the virtual world didn't know what hit it.

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YoungKiller252985d ago

It doesn't help to be bad it only makes things harder so i just do good deeds.

P.S. unless i see a damsel in distress along side the road, NEVER AGAIN!!!!

N4GAddict2985d ago

Being bad in games with choices always lead to hilarious situations.

ExgamerLegends22985d ago

Even though its just a game, being bad makes me feel like a douche. I hated playing as infamous in ...infamous O.o. The black lightening was a plus though.

Pozzle2985d ago

I love the idea of being able to tie people to railroad tracks. So dasdardly :D