Split/Second Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Screenshot Comparison

This screenshot comparison checks the graphical differences between the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of Split/Second.

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xg-ei8ht2982d ago

360 is lower rez.

Not sure by how much, but you can tell.

Alcon Caper2982d ago

Look at the cars in the first comparison and tell me you don't see more jaggies on the ps3 car model then on the 360 car model. (Look at the HD pictures)

Chubear2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

The most of the time have neglegible difference you can't even notice unless your a uber nerd counting pixels or they skew them in some sort of way a la Gametrailers. Like how this site compares a demo version to full retail version. It's all BS.

Much more interesting VIDEO comparisons would be in-game gameplay comparisons of exclusive games like Mario Kart Vs. MOD Nation Racers, MAG Vs. MW2 online, Halo Reach Vs. Killzone2 SP & MP, Halo Reach vs. Resistance2, Forza3 Vs. GT5, Mario Galaxy 2 vs Ratchet & Clank ToD, Gears3 vs. UC2 MP&SP, Fable Vs Demon Souls MP & SP, Metriod Vs. Resistance etc etc

Heck, you don't even have comparison vids of the different console avatars and what you can do with them.

THOSE are REAL comparison vids not this BS. I would think if it's hits these gaming sites are looking for with these comparison vids, they should at least make them more interesting than this boring crap.

Alcon Caper2982d ago

uh, why on earth would you compare different games when you have multiplat games that can be compared directly.

When two games are compared and they don't have the same "style" what basis of comparison is that?

Compare multiplat games only. Everything else is SUBJECTIVE.

Btw, how much do you wanna bet that when they do comparison videos of this game, that there will be 10+% more screen tearing in the PS3 version...?

deafwing2982d ago


this site claims the following

"we are comparing the ps3 demo with the xbox 360 full game"

ummm does anyone not see this?

DA_SHREDDER2982d ago

I seen screen shots of Split Second earlier this year and my jaw dropped in awe. Then I downloaded the psn demo, and man oh man, all I gotta say is "bullshots". The game didn't even look half as good as Pure. F U Black Rock Studios you pieces of crap.

cpuchess2982d ago

If there is a difference it's not by much

Brewski0072982d ago

yeah i dont see much at all.

SilverSlug2982d ago

This is how you do a multiplatform game.

renanbianchi2982d ago

I would prefer longer load times than to install 7gb on the PS3 =/

Chubear2982d ago

See why spreading anti-viral FUD is used as a tactic? It doesn't matter how stupid it sounds, you'll still get some moron who believes it regardless.

BubbleSystemSuck2982d ago

Watch what you say in Articles like this... you can lose your Bubble easely.

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The story is too old to be commented.