Two Years Late, The PS3 Video Download Store Launches In Australia

The USA got the PS3 video download store in 2008. In parts of Europe, it launched in 2009. As is the way with many things video game related, it's only this week launching in Australia.

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WildArmed2928d ago

ofc, this improvement will be made to sound like a grave mistake.
I hardly heard any b!tching about this beforehand.
Now that it's in Az, everyone is b!tching how late it came.

It's never good enough eh?

sabestar2928d ago

At least Australia got it, unlike Canada.....
I can't believe the US got it 2 years ago and we're still waiting.

Christopher2928d ago

Blame the licensing costs of movies. Kind like how they have Sky TV in the UK, but we can't even view Hulu on our PS3s.

AuToFiRE2928d ago

how about bringing it to us Canucks? we live right next door to the US, stop giving us the short end of the stick

DarkSpawnClone2928d ago

i agreee :{ but you know what i would rather a game rental serive on ps3 then a movie rental services,i have no where to rent games where i live.the store is too far away to walk and i don't have a car lol

AuToFiRE2928d ago

i usually just bike, takes 45 minutes to get there but you get your heart going and earn your right to play lol