Move to be used in upcoming FPS

"I have experienced Move in a first person shooter"
Michale Ephraim (Managing Director at SCE)

What FPS might it be? Killzone 3, Resistance 3 or a new IP?

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GWAVE2894d ago

Move seems more natural for an FPS than Natal. Honestly, I've always liked the Wii's setup for FPSs, and it seems like Move is going in that direction. I hope that Move can mimick it but provide better graphics, physics, etc.

Wrathman2894d ago

so u will have a FPS with the people using MOVE and the people using a regular controller?

who will have the advantage?i suspect people using MOVE will get raped.

ThatArtGuy2894d ago

people who were got familiar with Move were doing better than the dualshock people.

SuperM2894d ago

Move players will get raped? I guarantee you with some training you can become 10 times better with motion control then you ever could with a dual shock controller

Hideo_Kojima2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Some people are a lot more accurate with Move controllers and other are more accurate with DS3. So if some people are better at aiming with a MOVE controller after using it for a couple of minutes...

i think they will stick that controller into everyones ass unless the DS3 users want to carry on getting raped with a MOVE controller.

EDIT: This could shift a lot of multiplatform sales.
If Cod Black Ops has Move support for example people will buy it on PS3 because they might like Move over regular controllers.

WMW2894d ago

yeah it depends on how well you learn the controls that matter. people sucked at kz2 because they refused to learn new controls and the people who did are really good. it would be cool to have seperate playlist for people who only want to use move, people who only want to use th ds3 and a third where they are both used didn't they do this with ut3 with the keyboard and mouse.

shadow27972894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Well if you go by SOCOM 4, the people with controllers are the ones that generally get raped. Move is more intuitive than an analogue stick.

'"I've spoken to the SOCOM team and they've had troubles because the motion control people sometimes really kick the ass of the DualShock people. It's unfair," he says. "They're having balancing issues and stuff.'

(towards the bottom)

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MazzingerZ2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

You don't need to mention NATAL as MSFT itself has said that it's for casual games

I'm just a little surprised as you seem to be a gamer so it's obvious for everybody that NATAL won't be used in FPS UNLESS they release a peripheral...althought I doubt a SW company playing HW manufacturer can match what took years to SONY (HW manufacturer) to develop.

but anyway, I played Metroid: Corruption on the Wii and it was awesome! best controller for FPS is on the Wii, hope MOVE is implemented in every FPS out in the future but that depends on SONY, if they created standard stuff and libraries that make it easier for devs then you can bet every FPS will support MOVE...or at least most of them)

SONY should give a crapp about that unbalanced online gaming as many today uses that FX-controller so what's the big deal...if it gets supported by every single FPS then there's no reason for "hardcore" gamers to not get MOVE.

ravinash2894d ago

Actually I would expect the people with the controllers to get raped.
The people with Move will be more accurate (With practice) and be faster to respond.
You just need to compare with those who use mouse and keyboard on Unreal tournament against those with controller.

doG_beLIEfs2894d ago

I see E3, and unveiling of KZ3....and an on stage demonstration using the MOVE.

What do you think?

I say....if KZ3 looks as good as we are expecting.....this will be Sony's BOOM moment for all other competition.

Meryl2894d ago

just watch the socom 4 footage, ps move is smooth as a baby's butt

raztad2894d ago

I'm getting PS MOVE and Socom 4 just to get started. I expect this rumor to be true and every new FPS to come with an optional MOVE support.


I read somewhere zipper was having balancing problems with Socom 4, people with MOVE were owning DS3 users easily.

Army_of_Darkness2894d ago

I think I'm gonna really enjoy FPS much more with the move controller:) cause I can't aim that well with the analog stick...

sxpacks2894d ago

Needs Gun Peripheral that will allow user to aim without using the onscreen reticle.

ape0072893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

will have bright future in hardcore gaming, just imagine playing the force unleashed 2 with move, with real object physics and body physics (euphoria)

but on the casual market that everybody is chasing, I think move ill not stand a chance to natal, natal looks fresh, xbox packaging is bright\ colorful, the rumored 360 slim natal package and ms's huge marketing campaign

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Colonel-Killzone2894d ago

Well it did look very nice with Socom 4.

WMW2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

in one preview of socom4 and the move a guy said it worked so good he only wanted to play fps games with the move. i say all shooters should support move from now on zipper said it took like 2 days to add move to socom 4 so it isn't that hard or exspensive.

i'm not sure about crouching but taking cover is done with on of the trigger buttons. the only uses i know of with the camera are aiming, drawing paths for your squad to follow and grenades everything else is mapped to buttons.

Anarki2894d ago

I do like how you throw the grenades and stuff.... Wonder if the crouching works with the camera aswell :P


''I do like how you throw the grenades and stuff..''

Yes, you can throw grenades, and the Ad from Move proves that.

At 1:04 you can see he throw a grenade.

Probably the Navigator have Sixaxis Technology, or the PS Eye detect your arm with the navigator.

Qui-Gon Jim2894d ago

I think that grenade throwing bit was just a case of the people making the commercial not knowing their stuff. It was probably an actor mimicking the actions on screen. The Navigator does not (that we yet know of) have any motion sensing capability.

Zipper have said that they are looking at other ways to use Move besides aiming (including grenade tossing), so maybe they will figure something out, but i think i would prefer an on-screen trajectory indicator so i can more precisely throw.

BubbleSystemSuck2894d ago

Cant wait to use it on bad company 2

BeaArthur2894d ago

Have they said they are going to patch it?

BubbleSystemSuck2894d ago

no... but i want it, and im waiting

Anarki2894d ago

We can only wait and see how this will work/look.

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