Square Enix rank their franchises by strength

Square Enix has ranked their franchises in order of their perceived selling power in their 2009/2010 fiscal year report, outlining what franchises are more likely to see more games produced in the process.

The ranking lists Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts as the top-selling franchises in that order. They're followed by a string of Eidos franchises - Tomb Raider, Hitman, Kane & Lynch, Deus Ex, and Just Cause.

Parasite Eve, Front Mission, Soul Eater and Star Ocean all put in appearances further down the list. Check out that page of the presentation below. Click it to make it bigger!

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AP2959d ago

No surprise Final Fantasy is top, but I am surprised that Star Ocean is so low. Surprised they even count Supreme Commander - I thought Chris Taylor was making something else now?

Herminator2959d ago

I had no idea Squeenix owned the Space Invanders name. ._.

AP2959d ago

It belonged to Taito, then Square Enix picked it up when they bought Taito out. It flew under most people's radar, and Square still publish most Taito brands with the Taito name on them, just as Just Cause 2 still says Eidos on it.

Godmars2902959d ago

They'd be able to build upon them within their fanbases.

AAACE52959d ago

A fanbase is never guaranteed! For instance, you may have 5 million people buy a game, then on it's sequel, that number might drop to 4 million. Due to the fact that alot of people grow out of gaming, you have to try to do stuff to attract new fans.

Lets use FFXIII as an example. With most gamers in america and euro really being into action games, SE felt they needed to try to get some of these gamers. When you got games like Halo, Gears and CoD selling 5 million units before a month passes, they would make any developer rethink their strategy. I don't know the Ps3 numbers so I can't include those games.

Jrpg games are becoming a thing of the past and something must be done to breath new life into the genre. A lot of people hav complaints about FFXII when it released and that probably prompted SE to decide on changes to the overall formula.

Whatever the reason, gamers will never be happy with anything that happens. Either you may like something and others hate it or vice versa.

Nike2959d ago

I measure them on the basis of how many pretty boys die per game, which is: never nearly enough.

No wonder all the games are currently in a tie breaker.

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The story is too old to be commented.