New Releases! Blu-Ray Picks For May 18th, 2010

Boot up your Blu-Ray players and rub down your high definition TV’s. Here’s the roundup of new release Blu-Ray picks for the week of May 18th 2010.

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blackboyunltd2840d ago

dragon ball z kai and carlitos way is a most def purchase

Punch-o2838d ago

oh man i gotta get on that DBZ Kai.

unknown1002838d ago

meh...not a single interesting movie except DZ

Bathyj2838d ago

Carlitos way. Man I havent seen that in a coons age. Its brilliant.

Maybe I should buy this and Donnie Brasco this weekend.

Just got S2 of Trueblood yesterday, its fricken awesome. Better than that touchy feely Twilight crap.

LOLconsoles2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

Avatar on blu ray > any other blu ray releases of 2010 IMO.

aCHU2838d ago

bird sh!t>LOLconsoles

sikbeta2838d ago

Hippo Sh!t > bird sh!t > LOLconsoles

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