Analysis: What Happened To April's Hardware Sales?

Gamasutra: After yesterday's look at April's NPD U.S. software retail numbers, Gamasutra looks at the hardware side -- weak sales for PS2 and PSP, a strange drop in PS3 sales, and near-term prospects for Xbox 360 and Wii.

Not only did software take a beating in April, but hardware was similarly hard hit, with unit sales of just under 1.2 million systems, compared with 1.6 million units as expected from analysts like Wedbush's Pachter and EEDAR's Divnich.

Sony's older systems were particularly weak during the month, with only 65,500 PlayStation Portables and even fewer PlayStation 2 systems sold during the four week period. According to Wedbush's Pachter, the PSP and PS2 both fell far below expectations, showing year-over-year declines of over 50 percent and 70 percent, respectively.

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Meryl2957d ago

all consoles suffered a drop:):)