Gamasutra Interview: SOE Talks Building Out The Agency Onto Facebook

Much has been made of the opportunities for Facebook as a gaming platform, but alongside the rise of the metrics-focused social gaming industry and exploding casual user bases, few developers see any relationship between this burgeoning space and the traditional business.

But Sony Online Entertainment sees a way to bridge that gap -- it's extending its massively multiplayer shooter property currently in development, The Agency, onto Facebook with a social game subtitled Covert Ops.

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DA_SHREDDER2985d ago

Wow, this title is more ambitious than I thought it could actually be. Now Im intrigued. I wonder what kinda cool things they are gonna come up with this? This is not only a good marketing tool, but it makes games more accessible to people who generally dont play games, and could possibly turn non gamers into the most hardcore of them all.