Alan Wake: characters vs. real-life role models comparison

Videogameszone is showing Alan Wake images from the Alan Wake Limited Editions bonus disc. The comparison shows 5 Alan Wake characters compared to their real-life role models.

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FantasyStar2928d ago

Ohhh, not bad! I love it when the in-game characters are based on their real-life counterparts. Ir makes live-action much more believable.

clarkjudo2928d ago

To have the actual person and clothing to go by. It cuts down on time spent on a persons features. Amazingly, I think these actors/models are scanned in first head to toes. And then later editing takes place.

Elven62928d ago

That's pretty good, someone should also compare the development cycles, how the game looked early on to how it does now, it's light night and day in some cases (no pun intended)!