Microsoft Hopes to Make Natal Playable at TGS

Microsoft's hands-free controller interface Natal is going to see its full unveiling at E3. But when will the general public get to play it?

In Japan, that play chance will likely come at the Tokyo Game Show. In an interview with Nikkei BP, Japanese Xbox head Takashi Sensui hinted that Natal will appear in playable form at the September event.

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xaviertooth2927d ago

hope? why it seems like its the only thing microsoft is doing? at least work hard on it. they are breaking a lot of 360 fans' hearts.

N4GAddict2927d ago

Microsoft and Japan aren't a good mix.

N4GAddict2927d ago

I'm curious to see Natal works and if there is any lag at all

Godmars2902927d ago

I just want to know if this means that with all the spectacle surrounding Natal at E3, does this mean there wont be any actual demos? That after nearly a year of hype and months from release, its going to be nothing but staged events at best.